Can't Connect to Luna Display on iMac Pro from MBP when Thunderbolt 3 Monitor is Plugged In

Hi! I have a LG Ultrafine 5K monitor and and iMac Pro (2017) I would like to use displays for my new MBP 16’ at my desk. The LG Ultrafine only has Thunderbolt3 as input. I plan to only use these displays with my laptop closed and plugged in (treating it essentially as a desktop with the Ultrafine as the primary monitor and the iMac Pro as a secondary display). However, when I have the laptop closed (screen off) and I am using the Ultrafine as a primary monitor, the Luna Display app errors and tells me to unplug my Luna and plug it back in. However, if I unplug the thunderbolt cable connecting the Ultrafine, the iMac Pro will connect as a display, I can then plug the thunderbolt cable back into my MBP and both monitors will be connected as I want them to be. However, this is pretty tedious as whenever I turn on the displays after the computer sleeps I have to go through this procedure again. I was wondering if there was any other workarounds and if the developers are aware of this issue. Thanks!

When it says unplug your Luna, try removing the Pink Dongle which I think they are referring to as your Luna, rather than the cable. Does that work?

Sorry, remove the Luna dongle and then replace it.

Yeah I have tried removing the dongle, but when I plug it back in the same issue occurs. It only works when I unplug the thunderbolt cable, let the Luna display connect and then plug the thunderbolt cable back in.