Brush marks disappearing using photoshop!



I literally downloaded astropad studio about an hour ago on my iPad pro 12.9, opened files on photoshop and started playing around with the features, including the marquee, pen, brushstroke, with the apple pen.

Inexplicably, the brushstroke marks completely disappeared, leaving only the track marks. I opened the file again and they started showing up again briefly, before disappearing again.
The same thing is now happening directly on the MacBook pro.
I opened other psd files and the brushstroke is working.

This is very upsetting, I have tried to look up this problem but have not found anything. I don’t understand why this is happening.

Please help!!!

Thank you



What version of Photoshop is in use? Also, Mac OS is in use?
If possible, please take a screenshot or video of what happens when drawing.

Is there any wacom driver installed on your Mac?


Hi, sorry for delay, I didn’t see the notification until now!
For some reason, the issue corrected itself, for now. I don’t know what happened really.
But it was a bit troubling and hopefully won’t occur again.
However, now i notice the efficiency in photoshop gets down to 50%! i don’t remember thant happening before. I don’t think this probably has anything to do with astropad though
The photoshop version at time was 19.0, MAC OS 10.13.14, use I still have wacom driver installed on mac.