Blank areas on iPad screen


Apologies for not being able to present this technically.

I am using a MacBook pro Retina and an iPad Pro 12.9 and the issue I am having is that there is an amount of blank screen both above and below the main working app window on the iPad.

Is there an idiots guide as to how to correct this, maybe on Youtube?




May be You’ll find some help at the support area here :


@Foxy Sorry for any inconvenience.

You can use “Move & Zoom” to resize and zoom in for your iPad screen.

On your iPad, when you hold the white ring button on screen,
it will bring you into “Move and Zoom” mode
that allows you to pan and adjust the size of your screen with two finger gestures.

When you tap the white ring, it opens the shortcuts sidebar.
At the bottom of the sidebar, you can switch from “Draw” to “Move & Zoom”,
and adjust the screen size from there as well.


Thanks for the info but that isn’t the issue.
I want my ipad screen to show exactly what my MacBook pro retina screen shows edge to edge.
My iPad screen shows thick black areas atop and bottom of screen, thick black borders i.e. a letterbox view.


Even though Astropad mirrors, it doesn’t adjust to the screen aspect ratios or resolution.
We are looking into a workaround, but it will take time.



I’m also interested in this feature, but the “workaround” doesn’t sound so good… :slight_smile:
I’m about to subscribe to the Studio version, which should be the most advanced one.

Mirroring is fine, but limiting in terms of ux… Are you planning further features such as “true external monitor” mode?


If this is THE premium option for you then try Duet Display, it is not mirroring your monitor but make the iPad a second Mac display instead and yes it use all the screen. No black borders.


check out this thread. you need to drop $15 on SwitchResX (but there’s a 10 day free trial), but this is a great solution.What it does is allows you to build custom resolutions for your monitor that you can’t achive under normal circumstances.
But as a warning, you’ll be making your computer/astropad do things they are not formulated to do and may experience preference issues. But i still recommend checking it out.


Thanks Arnaud, I know Duet.
AstroPad Studio performances are better than Duet Pro (at least this is my experience…) but as you said Duet offers much more flexibility for display management.
I think the respective “concept of application” is different.

Astropad stared as an “artists solution” giving much more value to iPad Pro investment and covering the lack of true professional native apps (excluding Procreate) on iOS.
Duet is a mirroring application that extended to Apple Pencil tech.

Both are great in their respective purpose.


Thanks Saramarions,

SRX is something I used in the past (I guess at its early stages of development…).
I’ll check it again for sure!

I think Astropad devs are perfectly capable of extending this product towards an advanced display management and since Studio aims to be the benchmark for professional artists I guess it is the perfect product to host such a feature.
It will be very appreciated, and give more value to the subscription model too!

Finger crossed!