Black iPad screen after update


I updated to 3.0 last night and now my iPad just has a black screen. It’s still responsive on my laptop, it just has no screen.

I’ve tried factory reset on laptop and settings are non-retina, colorsync off on ipad. Does anyone have a solution for this? Do I need to go back to an older version? I wish I hadn’t updated tbh, I didn’t have any issues with the previous version.

My laptop is actually pretty old, 2009, but it has 8 gb of ram and like I said I’ve had no issues before this aside from occasional lag/pixelation when my laptop has too many applications open.


Hello Chris,

I apologize for the inconvenience. Could I have you try something for me to see if it will help?

With the Astropad application open on your MacBook, go to Astropad -> (holding option) Preferences -> Debug -> change the liquid engine to V2.

Let me know if that works for you!

Edit: changed to correct name.


Hi, I just downloaded 3.0 and have the same problem now. What do you mean Luna app? How do you make the fix within Astropad app on a mac or ipad.

Thanks, also Chris


Apologies for the incorrect name. The steps should be very similar!

Astropad -> (holding option) Preferences -> Debug -> change the liquid engine to V2


Ah. That did it. At first I didn’t understand holding the alt/option key on the keyboard while clicking preferences to reveal the debug option. Thanks for the prompt support!!!


Yep, worked for me too, thanks!