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Atropad and Lightroom?

Hi community! I’m a photographer and I’m hoping to subscribe to Astropad Studio to enable my iPad Pro 12.9 to be used in lieu of a Cintiq. My primary application for this use will be Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop secondary. As I understand it, Astropad is not full-featured when using Lightroom.

Can any community members (and/or developers) share with me their successes using Astropad/Lightroom in their workflow? Are there any work-arounds or specific setups that allow Lightroom to work well with Astropad?

I’m happy to pay the annual subscription fee for AP Studio if it works as advertised, but I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of having the product be more frustrating than useful.

Many thanks in advance,

Josh Anderson

Hi Josh,

Astropad works with Lightroom.
Which features or functionality are you concerned about? Or would like more information?