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Astropad with Zoom Teleconference


I’m running Astropad with
• First generation iPad Pro
• 2019 MacBook Pro
• PowerPoint
• Screen sharing through Zoom teleconferencing

…and having trouble that when I use the drawing tools in PowerPoint, unless I go really slowly lines are closing up. An O or D collapses the open part, for example.

Since this doesn’t happen when I use Astropad independent of Zoom, it may be an interaction issue. It may also have nothing to do with Zoom at all, but I thought I’d post in case anyone’s heard of this problem. I can ask in a Zoom online training, but they may not be familiar with Astropad.

The ability to draw on PPT slides via Zoom teleconferences is really important to me as a a graphic facilitator. Thanks for any thoughts anyone might have. Let me know if I should move this to a different category other than support.