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Astropad update available, pressure fixes and more!

Over the weekend, a new version of Astropad went live with a bunch of fixes:

Pressure sensitivity in more Mac apps

Pressure now works in a bunch more Mac apps. We’ve added support for: SketchBook Pro, Corel Painter and Manga Studio. Pressure should now work across nearly every Mac app!

iPad 3 and iPad 4 Fixes

We had some problems with the iPad 3 and 4 that caused a red X to appear when trying to draw. D’oh. We got hands on an iPad 3 and we’ve fixed this bug.

Manga Studio “trails"

Previously if you used Astropad with Manga Studio, you would sometimes get trails at the beginning or end of your stroke. We’ve fixed it!

There are more fixes in there but I won’t bore you with the less exciting ones.

So make sure your iPad is updated and same with Astropad on the Mac. Your Mac App should auto-update but if it doesn’t learn more about how to update.

Update worked as expected, great improvement of the pressure support !
Quick keys in Mischief work, except for the brushsize keys.
I will mail the programmers at Mischief to add the chance of customizing the keys.(like key+drag brush)
Thanks for the hard work so far !

Great! Yea we still need to get pan/zoom working in Mischief

Just got the lousiest answer ever, they recommend me to buy a british keyboard. Wait a minute, I’m going to give them a piece of my mind…
Pan and zoom works fine. It’s the sqare brackets that wont work for me.

OK, that’s solved, got a quick and NICE answer this time… :wink:
They are looking now , as we speak , into making customisable hotkeys.

Haha, please give us a piece of your mind if we ever do anything like that.

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