ASTROPAD STUDIO - buy outright option?


First up congrats to the Astropad team on making a great product even better with Astropad Studio.

I understand the subscription model and everything it entails (both pro’s and con’s) for both the developer (a forecast guaranteed income does keep the accountants/shareholders at bay) and for the end user (more cons for the end user unfortunately).

Having said that, and after running the free trial, I won’t be subscribing to the Studio simply because I don’t want YET another subscription for yet ANOTHER digital ‘service’, especially when that service performs a SECONDARY FEATURE (really well I should add) like mirroring, which let’s face it, Apple should have included in iOS when they decided to label the larger Ipad “PRO”, what’s next, paying a monthly subscription to other mac-photoshop extenders like Kyle’s brushes?

If the Astropad team ALSO offered a non subscriber, ONE-OFF purchase for say $99, I would buy it in a heartbeat, I would also be willing to completely re-buy the app in a years’ time when/if it has extra features added. I REALLY DON’T LIKE BUYING PRODUCTS based on the extortion and beta user model, it’s not about the price, I’m happy to pay what you want, I just refuse to buy products that are completely disabled when I stop ‘adding’ to my investment in a simple utility, I’d prefer to re-buy the software each year ala the old days of Roxio Toast than have the software disabled on me and my investment useless in the future.

It’s a shame there isn’t an option for BOTH subscription AND outright purchase.

Then again I probably should have just bought a Microsoft Surface instead of the Ipad which always seems to REQUIRE work-around after work-around solutions for features Apple should have included (and now Astopad want to charge a monthly fee for).

Sorry If the above came off a little harsh, you folks are doing such a GREAT job with Astropad, it’s just that the subscription only/disabled software model kinda sucks and leaves a bad taste with the end user, most of us ONLY put up with CC subscription because we HAVE to, if you’re going to learn anything from Adobe and Apple please don’t let it be… arrogance.

PS It’s a shame the standard version didn’t ALSO get the Liquid upgrade, I would have happily re-purchased the standard version again for that feature alone, please don’t let the standard version gather cobwebs.


I would say this to you. Wait the new iPad Pro. You may have a good surprise, (and a bad one for the Astropad team.)


Thanks for the heads-up! Any more info?

Honestly, though I’m getting real tired of ‘waiiting’ and hoping that Apple will get serious about the Ipad Pro and the Pro market in general. As great as Astropad is, it’s CRAZY to be paying a monthly fee for something such as screen mirroring (even though it is done really well).

I’ve decided to sell the ipad pro/pencil and buy a Cintiq pro 16, sure it’s more expensive but it’s a solution that WILL actually work out of the box, won’t require workarounds, not limited by iOS and is something I can own rather than rent, the less the workarounds the more I can get back to…drawing rather than bitching about rental software in forums.

I can understand Astropad moving to a subscription so as to guarantee further development and funding (which the Astropad team well and truly deserve) BUT the whole Astropad business model is based on filling a niche which Apple failed to cater to, if Apple changed and added these features as a default in iOS then no subscription model will save Astropad (A buy-out, re-employment from Apple might though).

I’d hate my whole business model to be based around hoping Apple will stay lazy.


If you have the money for it, I guess this is the best choice today.


This is also the final nail in the coffin for the iPad Pro for me. Astropad was a nice fix, but there is no way I can afford $20/month for Astropad. Anyone interested in buying my 12.9" 32gb iPad Pro ? I am going with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 if anyone is considering the same.


Where do you get $20 per month? It is just $64.95 for a whole year or $7.99 per month.

Those who use the app a lot will see the real benefits of apps like and see $65 a year as a sound investment.

For those who use it occasionally or just ply with it, then stick with the standard version.


Ah, thanks, I see I was wrong about the price. Still though, I’m a young artist looking for tools I can own and not just rent. Astropad is a great product, but like @secretgoldfish said, their whole app is based on wishful thinking that Apple won’t just update iOS to add mirroring, making a year subscription an instant waste (new iPad event is coming in the Spring that could add this feature). Drawing through a mirrored app environment itself is not very desirable anyway. Really seems like a waste to pay monthly for a service that is essentially a band-aid when a superior product is out there.


If I was making money from my artwork, I would not mind paying the 10,49$ (CAD) monthly fee… or 85,99$ annually.

Because I only use Astropad for personal art as a hobby, I can not validate that type of investment.

Hopefully the Standard version will get features in the future that are currently in Studio (like 5X liquid)… even if it takes a few months to trickle down, it would at least mean the Standard crowd can continue using the app and enjoy some then to be older features Studio owners already have.

Good to know that Astropad have promised to keep the standard version updated and did not outright kill that app.


I haaaaate subscription models. It’s not even the amount of money it costs, rather it’s that I’m just renting the software and if I ever don’t want to or can’t keep paying, I end up with no software.

I haven’t tried Studio yet, and possibly it’s well worth the money, but I’m not going to subscribe. I’d be happy to pay say $99 outright, and then when major new features come out, pay upgrade pricing for the new version. At least that way I have a choice if the new features are worth it for me. That’s how developers have done it for ages, what was wrong with that?

Also, as a standard version owner, I think it’s fine that there’s a pro version that costs more because it has additional features, but IMO the speed of the app should not be a pro feature. So that’s super disappointing.


It’s completely disappointing as this new ‘studio’ version is what I thought I was buying with the original Astropad, which was pretty unusable for me as it was, and now the actual delivery of the original promise is wrapped in a new product with a subscription model. I’m glad I didn’t sell my Wacom…


I know this thread is from January but it popped up during a google search. I was interested in the pricing for AstroPad Studio and since January it has increased to $79.99 per year / $11.99 per month. When you add the additional cost of Adobe Photoshop CC at $9.99 per month things really start to add up. If your a professional artist that makes a living utilizing these tools then I totally understand but for everyone else, it’s not really worth it.


Anything is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I haven’t seen the price increase on my end yet, so I don’t know if I was grandfathered in at $7.99 or if I should expect notice from iTunes of the price increase. When it hits 12 bucks a month, I’m out. But that’s just me.