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Astropad Standard vs Studio: with vision impairment

Currently, I am using Luna Display with Astropad mirror mode for post processing mostly with Adobe Lightroom Classic and occasionally Photoshop CC.

I have a vision problem that severely limits my eye-hand coordination, so I am looking for the best “crutches” to help me with my problem.

To this end I would like to learn if there are any advantages for me to use Astropad Studio in lieu of Astropad Standard for better accessibility as well as for any creativity advantageS.

Please note that I am not eligible to use the introductory Studio test period offer, as some time ago I had purchased Astropad Studio but cancelled the subscription. Now that I have Luna Display, so much has improved and I am eager to get the best experiece as possible within my limitations.

Thanks for listening.

Hey Inabech! Glad to hear that Luna is working well for you so far!

Unfortunately we don’t have much to offer yet in terms of better accessibility outside of what the iPad already has built in.

I’m curious to hear what you wish we would have that that would most helpful in your everyday use case.