Astropad Standard: Customizing Shortcuts


Am I able to customize the shortcut keys in Astropad Standard? If so, how? When I select “Preferences”, I don’t see any shortcut customization options available.




Hi Craig,

Tap the Gear (:gear:) icon towards the bottom. In Astropad’s sidebar, tap “Workspace” and select “Edit Shortcuts” and change commands.

More info is available here as well –

For entering shortcut commands, they work the same way you would press/hold down the keys on the keyboard. If entered one at a time, the keys are entered as a series, instead of one command.

No space in-between, for example “cmdZ” needs to be entered in, not “cmd Z”.


Thank you for this. What I didn’t realize is that this application does not work on the iPhone, only the iPad. I had it downloaded onto my iPhone and it has very limited functionality.

So in the end, this application does NOT work on the iPhone.