Astropad squiggly lines



I have an ipad air, wacom fineline 3 and mac os. I am using the Astropad standard.

When using the software with Affintiy designer and sketchbook I get squiggly lines (especially when drawing slowly).

This is not visible when drawing fast. But whenever I draw slowly I see the squiggly lines. I have attached screencasts from ipad.
video links:

Please help resolve this issue.



What iOS is installed on your iPad?
If possible, please post a screenshot of the strokes. The video attachments are not visible, unfortunately.

We know there have been long existing wavy lines issues with Wacom styluses. They seemed to be more present with some iPad models, and when drawing diagonal lines.


I have ios 11.4.


The latest Astropad update actually has the most up-to-date Wacom iPad stylus SDK.
Have you tried the latest Astropad versions on your devices?

Is there any difference, if you remove and re-sync the stylus?

Unfortunately, if it still does not work, there may not be much we can do to alleviate this issue.

From Wacom’s own FAQ for this issue:
“Some diagonal lines appear wavy when sketching on my iPad. What can I do? This effect appears only on iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina. You can avoid this by accelerating your drawing speed”