Astropad + Splashtop


While we wait for the next major upgrade to Astropad with trackpad/hover and/or keyboard support, I found that I can use Splashtop Desktop alongside Astropad to be able to work from my recliner.

I’m using an iPad Pro 12", Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard. With the Smart Keyboard, the Ctrl-Tab keys on it work like they do on a Mac except they apply to iPad apps. Thus if the last two apps I’ve used are Splashtop and Astropad, a quick Ctrl-Tab switches between the two.

Splashtop has a trackpad mode and an onscreen keyboard; if you are using an external keyboard it only shows you special keys onscreen and you use the external keyboard for actual typing.

Splashtop is lousy with graphic use like drawing and drag and drop. For this, I switch to Astropad. For example, I use Dreamweaver and it has a procedure that involves dragging a “target” to a file in a list to make a link. Splashtop does not respond to that well. Astropad handles it like a champ, but for the brief pixellation, which we know is being addressed.

Both apps show the same screen, because they both mirror the host display. Both apps have a Mac side ‘helper’ app, but I haven’t had any problems with them interfering with each other. Sometimes Splashtop stops responding as a mirror, simply closing and reopening the connection fixes that.

Thinking about it, as a Cintiq replacement, Astropad does not need a keyboard as much as it needs a trackpad/hover mode. You can do that with any Wacom pen and tablet. So I’d encourage the developers to prioritize that. Keyboard is nice to have, but there are a couple workarounds for that.

File under FYI, IMHO


I was hedging against doing this, finally bought SwitchRez, and very glad I did. I use Affinity Design almost exclusively, and the option boxes take up space with the rugular 1024x748 resolution.

Now I don"t have to shove the artwork allover the iPad Pro to get an open space to work.
Thank you very much!