Astropad on iPad pro only without mac


Hi friends,
This Ar. Nitesh, Recenntly I bought iPad pro 12.9 A10x with I pencil. I want to confirm that for astropad whether we require only iPad pro or iPad pro along with MAC PC. Because I don’t have mac, pls suggest.


Astropad requires a Mac to work. What are you trying to do?


I have an I pad pro and a Mac Book Pro. I want to use Astropad and Apple Pencil to edit photos with Photoshop CC. I think I am having problems at the beginning. I wish there were some basic tutorial videos showing how to set everything up set preferences and actually use PS to edit photo’s.


Hi @Nitesh_Kedare ,

if you do not have a Mac (iMac or Macbook pro), it does not matter, you have 2 solutions to use Astropad on PC:

** First solution:** you can install Virtualbox and you emulate MacOS (I try this solution with Sierra) on it, you will be able to use Astropad, but it will not be fast.

** Second solution:** you can install MacOS on your PC (a hackintosh, I also try this with Sierra) dual boot with Windows and you can also use Astropad, it will be very fast, especially if you have a Nvidia graphics card, at worst AMD ATI.

I opted for the second solution, and I can now use Astropad on my PC.

Have fun my friend :wink:


What exactly are you having trouble with? For me, getting Astropad up and running was just a matter of following the fairly simple instructions it shows: install the Astropad app on the iPad and on the Mac, run it in both places, and then tell them to connect.

I generally go over USB since it’s smoother and more reliable.


I’m sure he did game on Windows & design, so hackintosh is best solution.