Astropad + Luna hardware


For all the Photographers out there who use Astropad to mirror our desktops for extensive retouching, how will the Luna hardware improve our experience? It seems like it limits Astropad to being used as a 2nd display, instead of mirroring. That means I have it EITHER on my 5k iMac OR my iPad Pro?
Pretty sure Im not alone in wanting full GPU hardware acceleration, improved speed & native resolution -but still using Astropad for mirroring.
As it stands Astropad 2.4.1 using a HDMI display emulator does not use the Mac GPU more effectively. Still laggy and color incorrect when mirroring.

Would love to see Lunas benefits come to Astropad for mirroring!



Luna extends the desktop environment, but you can still choose the option to mirror
when using Astropad + Luna Display together.

To choose between utilizing just mirroring (Astropad), or extended display (Luna Display),
you can use the Display switcher feature.

  • Hold the ring,
  • then select screens.

Luna Display will be an option available, as well as your main Mac screen, and other attached displays to mirror.

Relating to the color and performance issues your experiencing in Astropad,
what Mac OS is in use? Are you using any custom color calibration on your Mac?

Some things to check:
Go to Astropad’s top menu bar, hold down the option/alt key and at the same time click “Preference”
This will enable the Debug tab, select it.
For “GPU Acceleration”, make sure either Recommended or Metal is selected.

Also, try turning off color sync –
In Astropad’s sidebar, tap the Gear icon, then go to General Settings, and try turning off “Use ColorSync”.

Let us know if there is any difference.


I had to ask this question very directly during the start of the Luna quick starter, and to be brutally honest, it sounds like they’re doing a pretty bad job at conveying the actual capability of the Luna device. For the price compared to a generic monitor spoofer, I’d want to see a hardware solution that offers performance closer to Parsec or Nvidia’s GameStream, if QuickSync isn’t able to do the job on OS X.

Currently, Astropad can offer a mostly smooth drawing experience, and can display 4k, but it definitely can’t smoothly update a larger area of the screen at 4k, which the Kickstarter seemed to advertise was capable with Luna.


Luna Display uses the same technology utilized in Astropad,
you will see the performance as you would in Astropad.

We realize that at high resolutions, like 4K, updates aren’t as smooth over Wifi.
That’s an area we’re working on; we even have on our team, a person who focuses on improving just that.

Please stay tuned for future improvements with handling large screen updates!


Understood, my criticism is more that I don’t believe the Kickstarter does a good job at making it clear that the only performance improvement with Luna is between a software created second display (like Duet), and Luna’s hardware display, especially at the price discrepancy between Luna and a generic headless dongle.

That said, I’m still impressed with Astropad’s performance, and of course always looking forward to performance improvements!


So for those of us who want to use AstroPad to mirror using Luna, we will still receive huge speed and color accuracy improvements correct? As well as native resolution on the iPad?


@brymonster For your questions, are you referring to future improvements mentioned?

Or in general, use of running Luna Display together with Astropad?


I’m asking if all Luna’s speed improvements will be available to those who use AstroPad for mirroring.
I don’t want to buy Luna if AstroPad mirroring stays the way it is…


@brymonster We’re always working to improve quality performance for both Luna and Astropad. As mentioned previously, Luna Display uses the same core technology, LIQUID, as is utilized in Astropad.

Whether used together, or each product on it’s own, you will see the performance as you would in Astropad.


So AstroPad used with the Luna adapter will be faster and smoother than AstroPad without it?


Luma will not affect mirroring in any way.

I still insist that the Kickstarter was not clear on this point, and at least somewhat deceptive. I think the continued confusion in this thread proves this point.

Again, for the price and the hype, customers are expecting some extra hardware in there to help with encoding or such.

“Lag-free performance at 60 frames per second”. You know that that’s simply not true when the entire screen is being refreshed, especially at the higher resolutions that are clearly Luna’s selling point. As impressed as I am with Astropad, I don’t think I’d consider drawing to be an actual 60 fps, there’s still a stutter to it.