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Astropad Keyboard Support?

Loving Astropad, but I’m wondering if there’s future plans (or some hidden option) to allow the iPad (in my case an iPad Pro) to transmit keystrokes to the attached Mac for things like keyboard shortcuts, naming layers, etc.

Currently I’m using a bluetooth keyboard synched with the Mac for that, but it’s a bit of a pain, and since I’ve got the iPad Pro I’d rather leave that keyboard synched with the iPP for everything else I do on it.


Definitely we would love to add it in 2016. We shall see, but yeah we totally want to do it.

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I use “Show Keyboard Viewer” on the Mac to display its touch keyboard for renaming layers or using single key shortcuts.

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This feature is very important to me. Love the app so far, but man do I need keyboard support! Keep up the great work.


I’d love to see this feature too! The app is great in what it does, but without keyboard support I can’t use it without a laptop in front of me. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do next!

Great question. Especially since the iPad Pro keyboard is in a great spot for keyboard shortcuts. Sometimes I use a mini bluetooth keyboard that is detached and mount the ipad on a stand (easel style). I can get the Macbook keyboard closer when I do that.

Thanks for the feedback.
This is a feature we have plans for soon, but it will take time to develop.

Yeah, then you can compete even with duet. Maybe even enable ipad as a second display, not just in the mirror mode.

Hi - do we know if the keyboard support is up and running or if we have an ETA of the support? Thanks.

@Holmesy Keyboard support is currently in development. We are aiming for ETA early 2017.

In the meantime, only keyboards connected to the Mac are usable.
You can enabling Keyboard Viewer on your Mac, for an on screen keyboard.
How to do so you can see here:

Apple magic keyboard works awesome in all my house, even when I’m in another room or another floor, in my case don’t see the need to sync it to the iPad.

What’s the keyboard supposed to do that the on screen buttons don’t take care of? Would rather have more drawing oriented features.

Thank you for the prompt reply @Malyse

@jarek_lensa Being able to fully type, like renaming layers for example or text body.
As well as any commands, if users prefer that type of workflow.

Versatility is what we’re aiming for :slight_smile:

But no worries, more added drawing and workflow features are in the works!

As always, we appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we develop.

But the keyboards hold the screen straight up, not at a drawing angle. Is there a keyboard with a really flexible hinge?
I still don’t really get it. :unamused:

Any Bluetooth keyboard will work with an iPad/Mac. You don’t have to use the folding-cover one. Just get a small $10 BT keyboard and position it off to one side.

I’m interested in designing web banners in Photoshop as I sit in the living room (iMac in an office bedroom) but need to type copy, that’s why I’m interested in keyboard input, I can utilize the System Preference for the onscreen keyboard workaround for now. Luckily banners don’t have gobs of text. :smile: