Astropad + Ipad 3


What’s the best stylus to use with an old Ipad 3? I just bought Astropad and works like a charm with my iMac, but now I need to buy a stylus. I know Astropad is discontinuing the support, but for now, what’s my best choice?



I have been buying many stylus before the Apple pencil which was not available back then, and I still have some iPads that don’t work with that Apple pencil.
The best ones are those made by Adonit, At least for me…

I still use the latest Pixel right now and have a Snap and a Dash for my iPhone.

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Read this:

As of the end of last year, Astropad Studio only supports Apple Pencil.



I know, that’s why I use Astropad Classic, as it’s still compatible with Ipad 3 and third party styluses