Astropad for Windows!?


So many people wrote… ) So, it would be really nice if the developer can give us an answer if they have plans or not to make Win version. The problem is that there’s no information at all (just “we announce you if it happens”). But personally me, I need undestanding if they really have plans or not. To tell the truth I don’t want to buy Mac or install virtual machine on my PC just to have iOS. It is really strange that the company can’t give us a clear answer and what type of problems they have to make Astropad on Win.


As if another one of these was needed… but you never know. Please make Astropad for Windows! I made an account on your site just to post this!


So many voices here, but no word from Astropad, so I don’t see the harm in adding another vote for Astropad on Windows.


One another vote for Astropad and luna display for Windows and Linux !:heart_eyes:
PLeeeeeaaaaasseeeeeeeeeee :kissing::kissing::kissing:


I love my iPad but I have built a custom PC for the power… Please help me to bring them together