Astropad for Windows!?


Adding my voice to the torrent of people asking for Windows (and Linux). I’ve been a devoted Mac user for years. But the truth is Apple has fallen very far behind in terms of high performance platforms for creators, in particular for 3D. The recent Macs have been disappointing when compared to the hardware being made available for Windows and Linux for comparable costs. Many of us have therefore been forced to upgrade to Windows and Linux in order to get access to the best processors, GPUs, and the largest memory footprints. I’m eagerly awaiting the new Mac Pro but I expect it will be prohibitively expensive compared to the same class of Windows/Linux machines.

Astropad seems superior to Duet Pro in most ways. However, as Astropad doesn’t support Windows or Linux yet we will have to invest in that instead of Astropad.

Is there a definitive answer from the company as to whether or not they plan on adding support?


Although I have a MacBook right now, it would be nice to have astropad working on Windows as well! It will definetely help!


Are we thinking a first half of the year or second?


try the app alternative for iOS. Working with Windows and Mac.



Would also love a Windows version. Use Mac/iPad professionally but would love the extra power of a custom PC to harness Astropad there too.


Hi Everyone,

if you do not have a Mac (iMac or Macbook pro), it does not matter, you have 2 solutions to use Astropad on PC :

** First solution:** you can install Virtualbox (for Windows or for Linux) and you emulate macOS (I try this solution with macOS Sierra 10.12) on it, you will be able to use Astropad, but it will not be fast, and the rendering of drawings on photoshop will be ugly because the video memory will be only 3 MB.

** Second solution:** you can install macOS on your PC (a hackintosh, I also try this with mac Sierra 10.12 again) dual boot with Windows and you can also use Astropad, it will be very fast, especially if you have a Nvidia graphics card, at worst AMD ATI.

I opted for the second solution, and I can now use Astropad on my PC for low cost.

Have fun my friends ! :wink:


Well…it’s been 10 days since anyone else has posted on this, but I’ve never put in my two cents, and I’ve been using Astropad for a few years now, so here it goes:

I work on three different art tools: my iPad Pro, a (midsize) Wacom Cintiq with no hotkeys, and a tiny Wacom Intuos (rebranded Bamboo) tablet. I use a hybrid work setup (50% iMac/ 50% HP zBook) for most things, depending on my need. The most portable, adaptable tool is the iPad Pro, if only because I can carry both it and my Apple Pencil in one hand, wherever I want to go, as long as it has a charge to it (the two most used apps for art: Astropad at work and home, and Clip Studio Paint elsewhere).

My opinion, as a regular user, both for work and play:

I realize that it’s a pain to port over to Windows (and I’d wager that Windows Ink programming doesn’t make it any easier), and that many tend to view Microsoft as an inelegant, uncool company. However, it should be pointed out that you have a lot of digital artists, designers, and related fields that work on Windows not only by choice, but also, sometimes, out of necessity. While some people might not be able to afford a Mac, they can most likely either afford a $30 basic app, or an annual subscription for the Studio app that’s under $100.

I’m fortunate in that I get to use your wonderful product due to my workplace issuing me a Mac; most aren’t so fortunate. And, let’s be honest, there are other apps that kind-of/sort-of do what Astropad does…but they are not nearly as good or portable. And, as for using a virtual machine, or creating a Hackintosh…those are neither optimal nor simple fixes for this issue.

If you could, please let us know if you’re still pursuing the Windows port or not (this topic has been viewed, as of today, over 62,000 times, so it’s safe to say you have an active interest). If so, keep us posted; I gladly share information and promote this app to anyone who might want to use it now; I’d just like to see more people have access to it.

That, and (from an entirely selfish point of view) it would be great to use it in tandem with my zBook when I’m out and about.


I’m just going to jump on the bandwagon here. I would really really like Astropad to be available for Windows!! It would make my life so much easier, and clearly there’s a market for it.


iPad graphics tablet + custom PC build + Windows + Astropad = My dream <3


iPad Pro + custom PC build + Windows + Astropad = a ridiculously large pile of cash lying in wait for the company (a pile of money to which I would happily contribute!)


2018 is half way over any updates on Astropad for Windows? At least let us know if this is even being considered and if it is where in the development process you are…

Thank you…


I’m going to go ahead and keep this thread alive. A version of this app for windows would be amazing.


Yeah. Please make this finally happen! I want to zBrush on my iPad! :slight_smile:


Please give the good people an update. Is this something still in the works?


i was so close to putting down 4.5k on one of those new MacBook pros this week, but I’ve had my head turned by one of those custom built tower PCs. I can certainly see the benefit of getting twice the power for half the price :slight_smile: and honestly the only reason I might stick with Apple is because Astropad is so darn handy. So it would be awesome if you wonderful folks at Astropad hq could let us know if you are going to be dropping a windows version sometime soon, you could save me a pretty penny :slight_smile:


I have used Astropad for a couple of years now and LOVE IT!!!

Recently I made the move to a Dell XPS 15 over a 15" MacBook Pro. I still have an apple mini and mb pro in my collection of gadgets. But to not have Astropad available for my daily driver has been very frustrating. As of today I downloaded and tested EasyCanvas, and although it is not as good as Astropad, it is good enough to keep and use. At this point I would still purchase AstroPad for windows, however the window will soon close if/when EasyCanvas improves the Windows 10 experience and becomes easier to use and more productive. I want to echo many of the comments made over the last couple of years in this forum. This is like my first posting ever for a product I accidentally found very intriguing as a creative professional. Astropad, you have a very good product, and loyal customers who are sticking around for you to catch up. Don't waste all this positive energy by ignoring your own potential.


Please please please Astropad for Windows!!!
My company just switched all of our artists over to Windows from Mac and so now no more Astropad. We are very sad, and Duet sucks.


I hope that soon we can use Astropod in Windows 10. Tnak


Just bumping this thread to say that there are still people interested. Current views at almost 80k, nearly 100 replies.

Of course, since this thread is nearly 4 years old at this point, and it’s STILL ACTIVE, you probably already know there’s interest.

Cool … well … see ya round.


Avid apple fanboy since the 1st gen iPod.
But just switched to Windows and wondering why I havent done so earlier.
So I’m phasing out of the apple eco system now and would love to use my iPad pro on my PC beast as well!! Still have the newest macbook pro but that’s only because I already bought it. But not doing any hardcore work on it unless I really need to.