Astropad for Windows!?


I got tired of waiting and ended up switching to duet for Windows. It works really well, but I still use astropad sometimes for Mac since I already paid for it


I Seriously thinking of getting A Mac Pro, only for working with astropad. Weird isn.t it?


This is rubbish. I am on the verge of returning this Ipad Pro I just bought literally so I can run Astro pad. Can I get a refund for my Astropad purchase if needed?


We greatly appreciate all the detailed feedback, reasoning, and requests related to Windows support.

At this time unfortunately, we do not have a tentative date to provide for all of you.

We’re weighing in about the potential for future development. Yes, we mentioned in the past the possibility of 2017, but sorry to say this isn’t planned for release this year. It’s a larger endeavor than we anticipated, but it’s something we still want to pursue.

We will inform all of our current and future users on when we can for certain make this happen.

Thanks for taking the time to voice the need for iPad Pro + Astropad in the Windows space.

Let us know if there are any questions or feedback.

Any more news on Astropad Windows support?
Astropad for Windows
Astropad for PC?

Hello. I just reviewed the thread. Yes, I asked for this option for windows when I first got the program too. Let me share a couple ideas since no one as of yet has this solved.

If you intend to buy a mac to use this program then go with the mac mini. To those who read this and think that it is crazy talk, please know the creative fields are not known for their sanity. Whatever the reason the adobe products perform substantially better on the mac platform from my personal experience since 2005.
I have run many tests and simulations and computer races to try and unlock the WHY. It is beyond me. SO if you are a digital artist on the front end of the creative pipeline not requiring a render beast or dynamic effects then the mini is perfect and very portable.

Onto the software option… Astropad if making the windows portability is such a issue, skip it. Focus on R&D for updates and support the loyal base.

For WINDOWS… just release an app under a different name that ONLY works on windows and with windows.

Final thought… if you want to be super cool… Offer a discount to existing Astropad clients for the windows version.


and if you buy a mac mini, get the 2012 version, not the skimpy 2014 one. :frowning:


Adding in my support for Windows 10. It would definitely increase my likelihood of renewing my subscription. I use Macs, but a fair few employers don’t and don’t really wan to integrate them into their work flow.

Also hackintoshes are lovely and powerful, if not entirely satisfying.


please this issue is still going 2017…please its a humble request make it available for windows…millions of ppl want to buy it…thankyou


Hi. I’m an italian architect, and daily I need to use out of office my macbbok with double screen. All the 3d modelling software work in windows so I decided to make a bootcamp partition and now my workflow with Duet Display and an Ipad pro 12.9 is great but stil not perfect. Please consider that a lot of peolpe like me will be completely addicted with Astropad Windows. Cheers


Hi i’m an archaeologist from France and i’m waiting for astropad for Windows !
waiting we are… mabe one day Duet Display will do better than you hahahahahahaha “and at this moment he realised that he put himself in deep sh…”


Please make it happen, there are currently no reliable apps than can make what you guys can


Hi Astro-folks!
I was poking around, moving to a new office, and was setting up everything, and realizing since I started working in TV motion GFX and my Photography Studio. It is amazing what you can do on the new mobile devices.
I was setting up a new laptop and was trying to go down a mental list of those “must installs now” and I found myself once again with my wires crossed (fried!?? Lol) because no matter HOW much I want to call the “duet” app “duet,” I always for some reason call it Astropad, so of course it made me think Hey! It’s been since 2016 I think since I checked, and maybe there is a major PC announcement that I overlooked.
But, sigh, sadly there is still no solution, and I certainly don’t mean this in a rude way, I just get the impression that the desire to port the app/system over to Windows 10.
That is a shame, because even as I sit here typing happily on my iPad Pro 12.9” (yippee!) I think everyone has noticed - especially Apple, who scurried to make a “pro” version- that because of price, function, greater compatibility etc., the tablets like the MS Surface, et al, have shot right past Apple who I guess were all busy checking their faces out in the mirror/phone screen/weird unnecessary feature to unload their overpriced X.
Meanwhile, MS got VERY smart, “catering” their latest OS towards “creatives ad designers,” even calling their updates “Fall Creators Update” and that weird but cool little suction-cu dial or whatever that thing is, realizing that because things like the Adobe suite, or any other high end pro graphics software usually will be sold with/for the best hardware- it reminds me of when Avid, the undisputed Ingle of film editing software, started sweating when Final Cut Pro came out and suddenly in the theaters were films made entirely on Mac laptops. Avid was originally Mac only, but then (just like Apple) it made more sense to integrate traditionally PC hardware to run on so they could sell them either lower or the same and get a bigger profit.
So, basically, I am saying it is a big market out there you guys are losing fistfuls of cash on.
They said yesterday that Windows 10 in now on over SIX HUNDRED MILLION computers; so just because website and Game design is still growing, that alone combined with all of us pros let’s just say there are 200 million of those that purchase your services.
That is A LOT of cash, and ironically, I and my friends and colleagues are so gung-ho for a Windows 10 version of your product, you could probably find a few whiz kids who mastered writing for iOS 11 during the beta test phase, and who also know how to throw down in Windows, there’s probably a handful of college kids who would whip it up for you for college credit and their name in one of those Photoshop launch boxes where they use to have like 300 names LOL. You could get a working PC version, and a WAY BIGGER Marte to sell and provide your services too; It seems so odd to me that it isn’t already the talk of the town, because for most of us “creatives” we generally have all sorts of devices, or old laptops being used to render, or an Android phone work gives them, an iPhone and iPad for themselves, and both a PC and Mac laptop of desktop already anyway - but hey, maybe that group of kids wil make their own version on IndieGoGo and beat you guys to it and - WHOOMP! There it went! LOL - I am kidding around - sorta - but just this thread ALONE should tell you - it goes WAAAYYY back.
Now I really hope you guys are waiting for like Xmas or something and there’s this awesome announcement- that would be killer, and you can tell me Ha, ha! Dumbass! Hahahaha
In this case, it would be a welcome treat!!
Best to all of you, and here’s to your holidays being safe, and fun, and no drama. :slight_smile:


Just another sign-up of an instant-would-buyer for a windows version to weigh this thread in a little more :wink:


Is this still a possibility? I’ve just switched to a PC after years of mac use, and while duet pro has been working fairly well, I’d really love to use astropad! 2018 lets gooo!


As an who prefers to work on my PC I would love windows support for astropad.

P.S. I know you devs said 2017 was a possibility but it’s now 2018 so if it’s not coming on PC give us a heads up so we can move on.


I do not know why this is not happening?.. As seen in the post views - this has the maximum views 50K. There is demand here… I am soon planning to switch to windows and I am disappointed that this is still under consideration… :frowning:


So much for 2017 lmao what a bunch of liars just do it already I’m positive if you did your sales would skyrocket because there is definitely a lot more Windows users then Mac users. I have a iPad Pro using Duet Pro for modeling, animation 2D and 3D as well as overall casual art however I know Astropad is a thousand times better but its not good enough to buy a Mac I would rather buy a Wacom before I do that.


Why all the hate and name calling?

There’s lots of software that’s Windows only, but that doesn’t entitle me to go troll the developers.

Best regards,
Andrew Phang


We too would like a windows compatible version. All of our studios computers are windows yet all employees are issued an iPad Pro. (Little strange, I know). We would love the integration :+1:


AstroPad for Windows10 is in huge demand. Hurry up and good luck!