Astropad for Windows!?


I really would like to see astropad for Windows sooner rather than later, I would love to use Photoshop or clip studio on my iPad, it would be amazing to have a cintiq alternative for us Windows users. Duet display is a rip off, having to pay yearly and they don’t have touch display or menus activated like astropad does. Any news on a release for Windows? You say 2017 but any idea of what time of next year? Would love an update!


Actually, I’m more interested in seeing Surface Pro tablets (like the Surface Pro 3) getting support to act like a graphics tablet for another Mac or PC :smiley:


That’s an interesting idea. How come you’d like it to work like that rather than just run the program directly on the Surface Pro tablet?


Come on astropad, give us a christmas present and release an astropad for windows feature. I’m an architecture student and I use photoshop time to time, now for the end of this semester its gonna be a lot of fun using my iPad pro to do some customization to my drawings and visualizations. I’m was going to purchase the duet display app, but I guess its gonna be worth waiting for you guys, so come on, don’t keep me waiting.



They send end of 2017 is best estimate, I wouldn’t hold your breath.


I’m still trying to stay hopeful for a Windows compatibility…
Shame that you prefer concentrating all your efforts with your new Astropad Studio.
(Btw Guys you could make more money with all Windows users here, if it’s this which motivates you.)


Windows compatibility isn’t happening, the development focus is going to be on Astropad Studio now.


Buy a Mac and start enjoying Astropad instead of waiting a Windows port.


Buy youreself a brain. So you’ll be able to think before opening your mouth and speak like this.


I know that you have already gotten quite a few responses in regards to this but I would like to add an emphasis to getting Astropad available for Windows. I work in IT for an educational institute and we would like to be able to use the iPad as an instructional tool in the classroom and Astropad would be the perfect app to allow this to happen. We have pc’s as instructor computers all across campus and if an instructor could use Astropad to mirror the screen it could be very beneficial. This would allow the instructor to walk around the room and interact with the students while instructing the class and using the computer at the same time, making notes, marking up documents, or even using the tablet as a white board of sorts. Currently all our classrooms have a separate document camera in the room and Astropad could effectively eliminate the need for one as instructors wouldn’t have to print out anything.


Astropad is designed for drawing though. There are already mirroring apps available on iPad for Mac and PCs that would work for this use case.


Can you give an example of one of these said apps? The only one I have been able to come across is Duet and that requires you to be tethered via USB which would not work.


Just joined to bring my voice for Windows Support! Day 1 buy for me!
Your app seems amazing and I can’t wait to get it up and running when it’s out!
Keep up the good work (b’u’)b


I also joined to let the developers know the importance of support for windows. Duet is the best option, I use this, but waiting for Astropad. It’s my profession Please Please Please, we all need this!!!

Thanks in forward.


Astropad for windows will rock :guitar:. Seriously hope to see it very soon. :grin:


Hi, signing up just to post this comment, I mean just to tell you that Windows version of Astropad would be absolutely rocks. Actually, now is the best time to release it. Oh, and please note that I’m not an expert, this is just my personal opinion…
Samsung have been releasing plenty of tablets with Wacom technology (and will release even more, some even with Windows OS). Plenty of alternative brand has been pumping out Cintiq-like tablets and they are getting better (but still cheaper). Wacom themselves has refreshed their Cintiq line with Mobile Studio Pro and Cintiq Pro. And Apple will (probably) refresh their iPad Pro line this or next month…
Perhaps Astropad wouldn’t lost much costumers, since people who bought iPad will look for Astropad for drawing on their Mac… but will lose the potential costumers who are looking for Cintiq-like tablet to work with their Windows device… iPad Pro was used to be the only best professional alternative to overpriced but underpowered Cintiq… But now, Wacom has finally caught up (or even surpass) iPad Pro specs. Cintiq Pro 13" cost more or less the same as iPad Pro 12.9" models… or perhaps a bit more expensive… but it supports Windows and acts like 2nd monitor. And there are still other alternatives like I wrote above, like Samsung, Cintiq, Yiynova, Chuwi, XP-Pen, Artisul, and more.
So what I want to say is, instead of buying iPad Pro and hoping there will be a software that enables it to acts like Cintiq in Windows, people will probably more interested in spending few more bucks and buy Cintiq Pro… or buy other tablets.
But if Astropad already supports Windows, people will probably buy new iPad Pro (or cheaper first generation iPad Pro) to use it like Cintiq on their Windows PC.


I also created an account to weigh in. Ok… great, so you now have Astropad Studio. Now can we get some windows support? You’re literally ignoring over 1/2 of the i-device marketshare. (Those of us that have i-devices for mobile, but a PC as a computer). In reality, this describes a LOT of professionals. And a dose of further reality… 3D artists (especially Maya) use Linux as well. So, a windows and linux port seems like a necessity… a requirement. After all… it’s not like you’re giving the app away for free. You only have more money to make by doing it! I honestly find it kind of cheap that you gave a copy/paste response above. And, it makes me wonder how much you value your potential customers. If you don’t move soon… someone else will. Your tech is not proprietary, nor patentable. So someone will knock it off sooner or later with a version that works cross-platform. Further delays and lack of response are really myopic. C’mon… get on it guys!


Made an account just to post here also. Can we get an estimate about the windows release? I know you said its in ‘the works’ at some point but that can mean anytime between now and few years…Ive heard great things about your app from my my imac using friend and i really wish to buy/use it… :frowning:


Can you please confirm that astropad for windows is in your schedule. There are so many people hoping it will become reality.


We don’t want to spam, but want to let the crew know that we are still have our fingers crossed. So we can’t work on photoshop, until we can lose our fingers.