Astropad for Windows!?


People are getting Astropad to work with Windows PCs. See YouTube video: ‘Using Astropad on PC with VMware-Update 002’


Allowing Astropad to work on Windows defeats the purpose of Apple having all these great Apps designed for them, to keep the money flowing in Apple’s direction. i’ve been begging for certain Music apps to be made outside of Apple… & its been years.


Mark… i’m not saying that allowing & getting other operating systems to use Astropad is not a good thing… i was being sarcastic… saying that Apple’s has a hold on all the great apps because they want their candy store to be the only place you can get that sweet stuff (so they can make all the money). that’s what i meant… i even underlined my point by saying “i’ve been begging for certain Music apps to be made outside of Apple”


Hey guys!

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The Astro Team :rocket:
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I made an account just to say: Apple computers aren’t always the best studio hardware, even though the iPad is a perfect drawing tablet. Please keep up the work on a Windows variant. It’s obviously a sell. Thanks!


I also made an account just to add my vote to a Windows version. I filled out the survey too. I’ve been using MS-DOS and Windows for 35 years, and I can build a PC with better specs than a Mac for 1/4th to 1/2 the price. I found your app in a random google search, and I’m seriously tempted to go buy a Mac just to be able to do character creation on my iPad Pro for the game I’m developing using the Unreal engine on Windows. I love my iPad and iPhone. Macs and OSX - not so much. There are also a few apps which do not run on OSX. I’ve beta tested dozens of applications in the last 35 years, and I’ve been programming for almost 40 years. This would be a Godsend, so I’ll be happy to help its development any way I can.


Datawrangler, you can use Duet Display to draw on Windows now. Astropad said they’ll look at Windows in 2017, so they aren’t even going to start working on this till next year.


Thanks for the tip. I just tried Duet Display out for a couple of hours using Zbrush, and it worked reasonably well. The menus were tiny until I remembered to increase the text size in Windows 10. Even though Duet says they support the Apple Pencil, nothing I saw in ZBrush led me to believe there was any transmission of pressure sensitivity. I’ve got a Wacom 13HD coming on Friday, so I’ll see how that works out. I’m going to move everything to my main system which has Photoshop on it so I can test them side by side.


Duet Pro does not support Windows 7. This is your chance…


I think you’re right. They told me adding compatibility for Zbrush & Maya on Windows was still in the works.


bumping this too in support for a windows version of the app.i don’t see how duet display will work out over astropad the more and more i research it, it has.a lot of negative reviews despite the updates duet has. not to say that astropad will not end up with negative comments once the windows app is created but the team seems to be 5 steps ahead at support and improvements w/hich is why i am saving my inital $40 for duet to pay for astropad once it comes ‘v’


I have both apps and duet works well on Windows already. It’s not perfect yet, but they fixed one bug I had… so I’d guess reviewers don’t email them for help. There’s a video review for it posted on Youtube and it can give you a better idea.


Could you post a link? I have looked around everywhere for a video review that shows the tools of duet pro and the ones I have seen just show the basic duetdisplay features without showing the duet pro upgrade :frowning2:


Sure, here it is. He’s reviewed both Astropad and Duet apps.


Oh iI didn’t know Brad C made a new review. Alright i’ll give it a go. it’ll probably make animating 10x better now


A forewarning, No Pressure sensitivity or gestures working with the duet pro update for duet display. Currently waiting on support from them to answer back why isn’t it working but I have a good suspicion there’s nothing to fix in this situation.

Now more than ever Astropad, Please make it windows compatible!!


What app? Working fine in Photoshop, Clip Studio, etc.


I used it in Photoshop, Harmony Premium, and Paint Tool Sai, none of these work. Again I"m using this on Windows 10. I;ve talked to others with similar problems. Currently trying to trouble shoot with what free time I have :frowning:


very interested in a windows astropad.

I will pay for the windows app without hesitation.


I would love for this to be a real thing too!!

You guys have to make this available for Android and Windows 10. Ive been looking for a program to let me do this for the last couple of months, I’ve found some that do allow it but they still need to be perfected.

Please make this a reality sometime early next year. It would be an even bigger bonus if you guys are able to put it out when Samsung puts their new tablets out, maybe even pair up with them for a cool marketing/partnership ?

Anyways, an Android and Windows version would really be appreciated ! Thanks.