Astropad dumping third party stylus supoort by year’s end


Before I purchased an iPad Pro, I was using an iPad 3 with Astropad.
Looks like those days are gone and the Astropad team doesn’t want anyone with oldef iPad hardware using Astropad any longer.
The Astropad team lost my trust, support AND getting at my wallet for the future.
I wish Astropad luck with their whole subscription forever model.


I was still waiting until I would be able to test everything, but not supporting my Adonit Pixel stylus is bad news.
I am using only my iPad Pro right now with the Apple Pencil, but I will still need to use my Adonit Pixel on my iPad Air 2 once I finish a project on my Pro.
I can’t update my 2009 Mac to the latest OSX version but it still do the job well…
It’s the same with my iPad Air 2. And I have a recent iPhone that does’t use the Apple Pencil…
So I don’t see myself spending a bunch of money just to be able to use Astropad…
Btw, I don’t use the Premium version of Astropad with a subscription.

I will check what will happen in the future. Btw, my Duet app works very well for a 2nd screen on my Mac. The only thing missing is being able to use my iPads with a stylus to control the Mac.
Don’t let the Astropad become a 2nd display only, unless you want to loose users.


I am in the exact same boat as you, my friend.
I use a late 2009 iMac using OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks with Astropad.
I can’t use the newer versions of Astropad, now, as the Astropad team pushed up the OS X requirement for the Astropad Standard companion app for Mac to OS X 10.10 Yosemite and the current Astropad companion app is no longer compatible with OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks.
So, I am using an older iOS version of Astropad and an older compatible Mac companion app, so I can keep using my older Mac setup Mac OS version and stylus of choice with Astropad.
I really do not know why Astropad is dropping third party stylus support when most every other major drawing app still supports them.
I think this a just laziness on the part of the Astropad team. That is how I feel.


It does hurt. I feel robbed. All the first-time supporters now are dropped by Astropad. They, the supporters, helped Astropad to grow and develop. Now the money’s there, all they can come up with is buy an Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
Sorry, I think not. As from now you, the developers and company are on my blacklist. I will NEVER EVER buy any product from you because you know: you’re not worth the trust. not worth the support.
I wish you a bankrupt in 2019!


The 1st gen Apple Pencil works with the much cheaper 2018, 6th gen 9.7 iPad, now, too!
So, any newer version of Astropad would work on that model iPad, as well.
But I understand.
Astropad devs dropping third party stylus support in favor of just the Apple Pencil is their choice to make, but by doing that, they cut out all previous, older iPad model users who were using the Standard edition of Astropad with other iPad compatible Bluetooth stylii, now.
Seems they no longer want or wish to support that older user base using older iPad models, any longer, based on the eventuality of ending support for all other Bluetooth stylii on the iPad.
Still think it just comes back to laziness, though.
I see the day when the flat fee, Astropad Standard edition will go away, too!
I really hate the perpetual, forever, monthly subscription/“conscription” pay model.
One of the BIG reasons I abandoned Adobe many years, ago.


I use Affinity nowadays. Beats Adobe, both in functionallity and price. True, Pro versions of the iPad offer great advantage. My iPad Air is however not near Total depreciation. I intend to use it for more than a fee years. Astropad is no langer an option for me. I’ll buy a new Wacom tablet and get used to having my pencil on another place than the cursor. I’m not doing Astropad any pleasure by using it any lonker. Better throw that money away than waite for -as you predict- a yearly subscription.


Doesn’t this imply you are killing off your iPhone product since Apple Pencil doesn’t work with iPhones?