Astropad dumping third party stylus supoort by year’s end


This really bites, team!
It looks as if I am one of the small minority Astropad users that still like using my choice of third party stylii, the Adonit Pixel stylus, with Astropadand and my iPad Pro.
I have not had any real vexing issues for the last 2-1/2 years of using this stylus with Astropad and has been working/playing pretty well with Corel Painter and for the most part with my older versions of Adobe Photoshop and AutoDesk SketchBook.
I have A LOT of apps the Adonit Pixel is compatible with that I use everyday with my iPad Pro and it still performs very well for me.
Both pressure and palm rejection with many of the current compatible apps is good to pretty good with this stylus.
Adonit makes far better Bluetooth smart stylii than Wacom ever has for the iPad/iPad Pro.
Wacom sucks at making a good Bluetooth iPad stylus.
I am very sad and disappointed in this eventuality.
Ålmost as upset as I was when Astropad decided to go the perpetual monthly subscription/“CONscription” pricing model!
I can’t even use the Pro version because it uses a newer Mac OS than I am using/need to use and the Pro version is Apple Pencil ONLY, too!
Just for the record, when Astropad got first introduced in the iOS App Store in 2015, I paid your initial asking price of $49.99!
You guys remember THAT!

The Apple Pencil has a lot of shortcomings I feel it is NOT a good fit for me and I suspect for some of the other minority third party stylus users, also.
Since this is NOT an Apple Community forum, I am going to list MY grievances here about the state of the current design of the Apple Pencil.

I, personally, do not like the whole Gestalt/industrial design/ergonomics of the Apple Pencil.
Hate the smooth, slippery and cheaply feeling plastic material.
Don’t like the weight/heft of the Apple Pencil.
Do not like the thinner barrel diameter ( I am used to the wider diameter barrels on other third party stylii as I am used to drawing with wider diameter marker pens).
Don’t like that the Apple Pencil doesn’t have the true hexagonal, anti-roll shape of a “real” pencil or mechanical pencil.
Don’t really like its unnecessary length.
Do not like the really bad and kludgey way the Pencil charges.
Not even a built in pencil clip (where the silver band is on the Apple Pencil would have made an ideal place for a built in pencil clip.
The Apple Pencil along with the smart keyboard all feel rushed and like an afterthought in the overall designs of these accessories.

Here is another BIG flaw for you Apple Pencil users out there .
If your Apple Pencil sits around unused and not kept charged up for more than a few weeks, or so, OR LONGER, then the battery in your Apple Pencil WILL fail and will be dead and you will have to purchase another brand new Apple Pencil.

FYI and something Apple never divulges to it potential iPad Pro/Apple Pencil customers/users unless the potential customer/user is smart enough to ask about.

Due to the “always on an active/stanby” nature of the Apple Pencil and, also, due to its very tiny rechargeable Li-ion battery (smaller than the eraser head on a REAL pencil), the Apple Pencil needs to be constantly charged up to some significant charge level ALL THE TIME, even when not using the Pencil for prolonged periods of time.
The Apple Pencil needs to be kept charged to a minimum of 5-10% all the time.
If the Apple Pencil battery is allowed to drain down to 0% and allowed to stay in that flat condition for more than a few weeks, or so, OR EVEN LONGER, that very tiny little Li-ion battery is too small to keep at a 0% state for a long period of time and it will fail and the Apple Pencil will be dead and you may have to “pop” for another $99 Apple Pencil, once again!

These are my issues with Apple’s pencil and why I refuse to purchase and use one.
I have been patiently waiting for Apple to update the design and functionalities of the Apple Pencil for quite some time to no avail.


Sorry guys but this just comes over as some lame excuse to double dip your customers (soon to be EX) making them purchase another version of your software.

I Have had no issues with my adonit stylus and paid more for it than what the Apple pencil costs! JUST to be able to use your software! now you say that dropping support.

Thanks for the Zero support guys! and good luck with your new model.

I for one will now look into other options.


Gotta agree. You sucked people in for what has been a very good product by promoting third-party styluses, now you trash them and dump them. Gee, I’d never heard of an Adonit stylus until you told me about it. So, I guess I should toss it and buy an Apple Pencil. Oh, but wait, I have an older iPad that the Apple Pencil doesn’t like.
I’ll be only too happy to review Astropad and warn prospective users to not count on you. I should have stuck with Wacom tablets.
Fuck you very much.


Apparently this sux… I use an iPad mini 2 with Astropad and Adonit Pixel, to use as a graphics tablet when on the road with my Macbook, and have no power port to use my standard Cintiq(not the one with the built in windows PC), since it relies on plugged in directly in the mains.
However I am having plans to get an iPad pro in the future… but now I feel I am forced into getting the iPad Pro immediately… instead of casually .


Dear astropad devs,

About 2 months ago I was able to save up for a stylus (Wacom bamboo sketch) to use with my iPad Air 2. It’s the only stylus that gets proper pressure sensitivity with it. I got this iPad years ago before considering art and animation as something serious. So I’ve never been able to afford an iPad Pro. The Wacom works well for what i use it. Finally just 3 weeks ago I was able to get money for astropad. I was able to use astropad with toon boom harmony and that actually worked well with the smooth settings up to about 46%.

I do all this because I can’t afford a cintiq and I can’t afford an iPad Pro/pencil. Most of the money I have to spare goes to paying my toon boom subscription which I use to learn and practice animation. Now yesterday I open astropad to continue my animation studies and find that I might as well use my finger because the pressure sensitivity is gone with this version. Consider this. I paid for your app, which is quite expensive compared to others in the app store, because it enabled me to use my iPad Air 2 as a budget drawing tablet with good quality. I had no trouble with wobbly lines because toon boom has smoothing. Everything worked nicely. But I was only able to use your app for 3 weeks. 3 weeks!!! All because you’re pushing the Apple Pencil on us in hopes that we buy the astropad studio version. I’m not one for profanity but that’s a dick move. I really wish I could get my money back. The main reason to own your app is gone. Even the display has become extremely pixelated compared to what it was. If we have a stylus that’s not the Apple Pencil, it means we either don’t like apple’s stylus or we have an iPad that doesn’t support it. That means there is no choice but astropad standard for us if we want to use our iPad as a drawing tablet. If we had an Apple Pencil I’m sure most of us would just get astropad studio. So now you’re just alienating your customer base for astropad standard.

This is extremely greedy, awful, and just wrong. Here’s why it’s wrong: what if you’re like me and you bought the app not so long ago because it meant you don’t have to spend upwards of $1000 for a new iPad or a cintiq. Now suddenly, this app is completely useless. It really should be criminal or fraudulent at least. You think this makes me want to buy astropad studio??? With a new iPad?? With Apple Pencil?? If I buy something like that you can bet I’m not going to buy astropad studio. I’ll just continue using the mobile solutions being offered at the time in hopes that TVPaint comes to the iPad as it came to android (and is being made available for free).

I’m extremely disappointed. I feel like you guys robbed me. Astropad isn’t just a $5 app. It’s $30. That price should guarantee satisfaction. That’s why i bought it. It never crossed my mind that an app so expensive would pull this off to try and manipulate its buyers into buying new equipment and new more expensive software.

Shame on you. You want more people to buy your studio app? Lower the price or don’t make the Apple Pencil a requirement but don’t take out support for other styluses after promising said support.


@ Ricardo Franco,
I paid $49 when Astropad first made it to the iOS App Store in 2015.
And back then, I was using an iPad 3 with a Bluetooth Adonit Jot Touch w/Pixelpoint, which I still own, also.
So, you can only imagine how P.O’ed I feel.
I just think Astropad devs are just going after the professional artist/illustration markets, now and just ignoring part-time professionals, amateur and hobbyist artist/illustrators and anyone using Astropad with older iPads.
Just very disappointing what these guys are doing.
They will lose all their previously paying customers. That’s all.
The devs probably do not care about all their previous paying customers, anyhow.
I wiil just have to avoid updating Astropad when they officially issue the update stating that third party stylus supports ends and not update to that version.


I think they already started cutting support. My Wacom bamboo sketch doesn’t have pressure sensitivity anymore.


I don’t think the Astropad devs would announce this in this current update and then in said same current update, start removing stylus support.
They may start doing this in future updates down the road, hopefully the update notes will reflect this eventual third party stylus removal, but I would not think the devs would start the third party stylus removal with this current update.
Have you tried simply doing a hard reset of your iPad by holding down both the Home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously until your iPad goes to black and restarts with Apple logo, then release the buttons?

I, myself had to roll back Astropad to the last previous updates on both my iPad and Mac because the Mac companion app now requires OS X 10.11 El Capitàn ( instead of OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks) as a minimum Mac OS, now.
I am unable, due to legacy software reasons, move to this current version of Astropad because I still need to use OS X 10.9.5.
I still use a version of iTunes that still saves apps.
So I keep some copies of all my critical iOS and Mac OS software.
So, I was able to roll back to Astropad iOS and Mac versions back to version 2.2.5 and Mac version 2.3, which is still compatible with iOS Astropad version 2.2.5.

If you are as smart to keep older backup copies of software, or at least, the previous working versions of that software, you could do the same thing that I did and roll both previous Astropad versions back to their previous versions on both iPad and Mac.


I’m very disappointed with this announcement. My iPad won’t work with the Apple Pencil and I just got it last year, so I can’t justify buying a completely new one.
Between my Adonit Pixel and Astropad, I paid over $100 just to be able to draw with my iPad and you guys decide to suddenly pull support? My suggestion would be to reduce the number of third party styluses you support so that it’s easier and you don’t abandon your customers.
If you do decide to continue with your decision to completely drop support for third party styluses, I won’t be using Astropad anymore and I will stop recommending it. Instead I’ll just use my Wacom tablet for drawing and will not look back.


I have already started to transition back to my Wacom Intuos 3, but it is a very hard transition back after nearly 3 years of using Astropad.
I had to roll back Astropad to the previous version because of the Mac companion App being no longer compatible with OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks ( which, BTW, is still mentioned compatible with in the Astropad Standard edition description and is no longer true ).
So, Astropad team is really screwing over its flat rate price Standard Edition Users.
I stopped recommending Astropad to other iPsd users because of all the stuff these guys are pulling with this app now.
And I have stopped updating Astropad on my iPad.
Every other MAJOR drawing app on the iPad supports alternative, third party stylii
This drawing app group is just too lazy now to want to keep up this support and to try and optimise Astropad to continue to work well enough with other third party stylii.
My Adonit stylii have never given me any real issues with Astropad or any other compatible drawing app for that matter.
I have my whole Mac drawing workflow setup around my 1st gen iPad Pro and Astropad.
I feel like I am being forced to purchase an Apple Pencil, which I never really liked, just to be able to continue using this one single app.
The loss of third party stylus support in Astropad is just one more sign that these devs want to keep mikling their subscription customers out of their money forever and trying to push its one-time, flat rate pay customers out of this app and get more users onto their Pro subscription model with an iPad and Apple Pencil ONLY support.
The Pro version doesn’t even support third party stylii.
So, Astropad devs seem to be making this the new “standard” across ths board with both versions of Astropad.
Astropad will ONLY be Apple Pencil compatible after 2018.
They lost me as a long-time user/customer. Real shame that.


I liked AstroPad because it let me use what I had instead of my having to buy a graphics tablet.
Now you’re telling me I have to buy an Apple Pencil AND an iPad that will support it?
I’ll just cut to the chase and save up for an Intuos Pro like I should have done in the first place.
This isn’t the first time I’ve paid for an app that promised a lot but in the end didn’t deliver.
C’mon guys, it’s not like you didn’t know the job was going to be difficult when you started it.
It’s been a fun proof-of-concept but ultimately a waste of time and money.


Sent the email further down back in July never had any repose from them. I figured as long as I don’t update anything it will still keep working. Today I went to use Astro Pad and the iPad & desktop won’t talk to one another saying I need to update on or the other. Good on ya Astro Pad just lost me a couple of hundred $s buying your product and then the stylus YOU recommend. One very pissed of person here along with a bunch who have had their say before me, maybe you should read you own blog sometime.

And by the way you still have other stylus on your website, ‘Any iPad Any stylus’!!!???

Hi I have just received an email informing me 3rd part stylus will no longer be supported by Astro Pad, so do I understand this right I will no longer be able to use the stylus I have, a Adont Pixel?

This I will be extremely unhappy about, I have only just purchased Astro Pad in the last few months. I was going to get an iPencil but discovered as I am using an iPad mini they do not support iPencil so by your recommendation I got the Adont Pixel, now I am being told that will not be supported so I will be left with nothing that works. I am not a huge user of graphics tables but this was a way I could use what I had to perform some processes in my job and expand a little more and learn some new skills but it looks this may no longer be the case.

Very unhappy if so, and would not support or recommend this application in the future.


Worse case scenario,
You CAN still use Astropad, but the stylus you use now, in the future, will just work as a fine point commonplace capacitive stylus with no palm rejection or pressure sensing in Astropad.
If you want palm rejection while using Astropad with your iPad after the end of 2018, you’ll need to purchase a, relatively, inexpensive, lycra-based, non-electrical conducting drawing/writing glove that will isolate the electrical impulses of your drawing/writing hand/palm from the iPad’s screen to use with Astropad.
These special drawing gloves also work with many non- Bluetooth, third party stylus compatible apps for palm rejection in those types of apps, too

That Adonit Pixel stylus is STILL compatible with over two dozen other popular sketching/drawing/painting/writing/note taking apps.
So, that third party stylus is still good for many other apps beside Astropad.



That is a then turns a very expensive stylus into brainless stylus I bought only 6 months ago, you can buy them for $5, I paid $135. I don’t use drawing apps that much, this was a good way to get into them a bit but now I doubt I’d buy someone else of them to do something similar.

I don;t understand why iPad & desktop have suddenly stopped talking to one another and need to be updated? If I didn’t update anything would this effects to the Adonit still take effect? Why don’t they let us stay at a lower version and use what we want/have to use??


I had the same thing happen when I updated.
That is why I use an older version of iTunes that still saves apps and I keep duplicates of older iOS versions of apps that I consistently use the most on my iPads.
Same goes for saving older apps of almost all of my Mac apps.
I do this to guard against incompatibility issues so I can easily revert to older iOS and Mac versions if I need to because I run older versions of both iOS and Mac OS.


I can’t remember I might have updated it on my iPad thinking best to keep up to date before I found out stylus was being ditched, it’s 2.4.1, is there a way of rolling it back? And yes the OS on my desktop I see now is .1 behind requirement


I have my iDevices set to NOT do automatic updates and only for me to do the app updates manually.
My iPad Pro has Astropad still listed to update. I now NEVER hit the update button for that app, any longer.
Unless you use an older version of iTunes ( vers. 12.6.4 ) that stil saves apps and saves older apps through an iTunes/iDevice backup, you can delete the version of Astrpoad that is on your iDevice now and then restore an older version of the app through the older version of iTunes already stored on your computer.

If you have been using a new version of iTunes ( vers. 12.7 or later ) then there is no way to do the above procedure any longer and you are stuck with the latest version of any app.
Version of iTunes 12.7 and later no longer save apps. Only the app data.
So,no longer any way to revert any recent app back to an older version once it gets updated.
That is why I still use older version of iTunes.



Not sure if ANY third party stylii are being ditched, yet.
Astro HQ stated by end of 2018, there will no longer be any support for third party stylii.
I would think when an Astropad update is released, the Astropad team would be kind enough to put in the update description, that a certain Astropad update will end all third party stylus SDK support.
I would hope they would put that in the app description to let users of third party stylli know and not update the Astropad app when this eventually happens and just not arbitrarily and clandestinely delete all third party stylus support without a warning in a near future update.
That is my hope so that older Astropad users can still use the older, third party stylus compatible version of the app and not update Astropad any longer.


yea 12.8 iTunes so stuffed there, can’t revert iPad back, been looking on net for a way, I’d say 2.3 version of Astropad would sort issue of not talking to desktop seeing it is running Yosemite, was fine back in June, update came out in July I might have just updated it manually I normally do but before I found out about the stylus issue, works fine with my laptop as it is on Mavick.


Very disappointed, many users use their old iPads as drawing tablets, all of those customers will disappear. Apple Pencil is just to expensive.