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Astropad does not work with macOS Catalina

It looks like y’all decided not to make astropad compatible with macOS Catalina. App is worthless now. Does not work at all. Are you going to give us our money back or do you plan on fixing it?

Hello Mphotog,
i am using an iMac19,1, which i just updated to Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina),
and an iPadPro 12" (2017 / first gen) with the latest OS, iPad OS 13.1.2.

I was curious about the new feature “sidecar” in Mac OS, i wanted to do a comparison between Astropad Studio and Sidecar. (i still like Astropad more: easier setup, better customisation, works with keyboard connected to iPad - sidecar also has some nice features, but the setup has some requirements )

After updating Mac OS, Astropad Studio worked normally with no problem!
So it is working in general.

I think there is some local problem in your case.

If i had problem previously i wrote an email directly to the support of astropad.
They always helped me, and resolved all bugs ect. with updates.

Thanks for your help. I can open astropad, but I cant get gestures and the pencil to respond on photoshop