Astropad as a secondary display

So if you run sidecar while using Astropad you can do a few cool tricks. One of them is using Astropad a secondary display. Another is having perfect mac resolution to iPad resolution. It’s easy too!

  1. Open Sidecar on your mac.

1(b). Then I recommend starting out in mirror mode and going into the display settings and optimize for Sidecar. That way you will have the resolution perfect to full screen on your ipad to mac ratio.

  1. After that then go into Astropad open it up if it’s not already running in the background
    2(b). and make sure you go to Move & Zoom option and make sure its at 100% just to make sure resolution is correct.

  2. Then at the menu bar, display side car settings you can, USE AS SEPERATE DISPLAY.
    3(b). Now if you ever need to use that screen you can just go into Astropad Move & Zoom setting and select the screen you want. Or just toggle back mirror mode.

and in astropad this is where u go

So I will put this image in as well to show u how to optimize for ipad screen to mac screen resolution ratio.

Also note that if you drag this menu bar thing that I have my selected with my astro-mouse on, on to what screen you are using, the new windows will pop up on that screen.

if u want to make things even easier you can download Magnet only $.99 unless u can think of a free version and then you can use keyboard shortcuts to switch things from display to display.

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Hmmm… not quite sure what you’re accomplishing there. I tried it and AstroPad Studio was having a hard time with it (poor quality). I turned off sidecar and I got my high quality back on my brand new iPad Pro. I was kind of excited as I thought this would help with a situation I always run into. I have Magnet too, maybe my issue could be solved with it. Basically I do a lot of 3D work and I always have to resize the app to fit 100% to the top left corner. I wish AstroPad would easily remember I want the Top left corner of my monitor or the last used position when selecting 100%.

Sorry, I just got astropad when I wrote this and it was 2am when I was writing this.

Main purpose is to get astropad to work as a secondary display since it is programmed to only work in mirror mode. But it can also be used to find best resolution for iPad.

I haven’t noticed a quality problem unless I am using WiFi mode, I get a poor connection almost always not sure if it’s related to using sidecar on top, I just keep it plugged in now and there has been 0 issues.

I’ll would update the instructions, but this website doesn’t allow me to edit my first post. :frowning:

But here is a video!

Got it ! Thanks for sharing. I have Luna, so I get that automatically. I also recommend Luna, it just works, and works well.