Astropad and Windows (Parallels Desktop)


Hi everyone! I am very very interested in this awesome new app, since I have wanted a Cintiq-like tablet for a while now. I know that my iPad is no Cintiq but I’m no professional artist either, so this is a nice, cheap alternative. But I just have one quick question.

Does anyone know if Astropad is compatible with Windows applications such as Paint Tool SAI that are running in Parallels Desktop or some other virtual machine? Is windows support coming soon?

I’m going to buy this app anyways, but having SAI/Parallels support would just make my day. :smiley:

Astropad, PC and Virtualbox

Hi Victorious,
the events should to flow though Parallels fine, but I suspect pressure data might not be there.

Let us know what you find, we don’t have tested the setup you described


I am working with Parallels Desktop (Windows 7) on my Mac pro and Astropad. If Astropad is activated I can work on my iPad air with Paint in the Parallels Desktop. I use the Touch 4 Pencil. It works fine. :thumbsup:

//Helge OD


Thanks so much for your feedback! Do you know if it supports pen pressure?


I don’t no. I think that depends on the pen and the software.

//Helge OD


I just sent Astro pad and email inquiring about parallels compatibility went running windows under the Apple iOS environment and when using parallels.

Since I primarily use Windows based media software, I typically go directly to the Windows environment on my MacBook Pro using Boot Camp.

However, because Astro pad only works in the Apple environment, I am considering setting up my windows software inside parallels once again.

In this regard, this thread was interesting to read.

And I am curious to know if anyone has successfully ran their windows media software, inside of the parallels environment, and inside of the Apple iOS environment, successfully.

The concern here is the extra lag that may be experienced because windows itself will be running inside a virtual window inside the Apple environment.

Your thoughts will be deeply appreciated.