Astropad 1.7 - move application windows to other displays?


Great now we can change display inside Astropad, but two questions (in OSX):

1 - How I can move application windows to other displays with Astropad?

If I want to work with other virtual display I need move app windows to that display easly with Astropad

2 - Astropad must change “main display” to selected display

If I select this new display to work with, all windows must be opened in that display (main display OSX feature)

This two features are a must!

  1. There isn’t a native option as of right now, BUT the only way work around (the method I use), is in your Mac OS, you need to have separate spaces for your monitors (mission control > ✓ displays have separate spaces). When you have this enabled, when you right-click on an app icon and got to options > assign too you’ll see that you can “pin” your app to whatever display you want.

  2. If you are using Studio, I think the newest update solves this concern?


1 - In my case (work with hidden dock) i need to do 3 steps:

  1. Show dock
  2. Righ click->Move to desired display
  3. Hide dock

2 - Try to move Finder to non main display and then try to open a image from Finder. Surprise! Image is opened in main display.