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Astro pad update Is not pairing correctly

I am using Astro pad with Mac Book Pro, Tune Boom Harmony, i-Pad, and the first Apple pencil.

When I updated the new version of astro pad, the program stopped working correctly. I get only part of the screen showing and when I draw on the pad the lines only show up on the computer and there is a delay.
I have tried connecting by the internet and with a cord, it makes no differentness.

It is currently not working. I can not figure out how to get to the old version (which worked wonderfully).

Updates to the iOS and Mac apps usually occur around the same time, so perhaps there’s a version mismatch between the two. Make sure all background processes related to Astropad have ended on the Mac, relaunch, and check for application updates.

You may need to manually refresh the iOS App store to check for updates.

Looks like you can still obtain Astropad 2.2 from repositories like Softronic, but a downgrade that old might only make matters worse:

I have not updated to macOS 10.14: Mojave (liberty), I would like to go back to Astropad 2.2. Is there any way to do that through Astropad? Softonic just sent me back to your website.

It’s trite advice, but try rebooting the iPad and the Mac. And maybe disable Wi-Fi connectivity within Astropad’s preferences to force all communication over the USB cable.

Other than browsing your Time Machine backups for an earlier application version, you’d probably need to contact Astropad’s support directly at Downgrading an individual app from the iOS App Store appears to be impossible without some developer guidance.