Are you pleased with this app?


Is Astropad working out for those that want to use it to edit photos in Photoshop? I was so excited when I saw this and went out and purchased a IPAD Pro andAstropad basic. I can not figure it out and because there are no videodon’t Know what to do. I read that the better version is superior but because if I could return the app and get my money back I would so spending more money just does not appeal. I hope the developers start placing how to video’s up on there web page and YouTube.

I certainly would se e if I could learn and use their application for photo editing.


Astropad Studio can be purchased on either a monthly or annual basis. At $12 a month it is pricier than even Photoshop itself, which is a concept I struggle to understand. If you’re just editing photos, I don’t think you need anything beyond something like a Wacom Intuos Pro or equivalent alternatives. But I like it because it works well with the Retina display on my iPad Pro which connects to my MacBook Pro, which also has Retina. My eyes are bad so it is easier to look down at the iPad than up at the MacBook.

At any rate, there is documentation. For Astropad Studio it is found here:

I don’t know if it comes with a trial period or not. Still, you can try it for just one month at $12.


I was excited because it was cheaper than an intuos device and they become outdated. I don’t have money to buy the intuos and feel ripped off with the Astropad application. I am happy you have get to use it with your Astropad app and IPad. That was my plan without a monthly subscription. My cataracts are telling me to bite the bullet and get cataract surgery.


plain Astropad works fine for me with Photoshop aside from a couple of little quirks (like keyboard modifier keys not working with clicks on the Astropad screen, but the on-screen modifier keys work fine at least).

What problem are you having? It might be easier for people to answer your questions if they know what your questions are.


I’ve had the same Intuos Pro for years and it is nowhere near being outdated. And yes, if you have cataracts, get the surgery. Almost everyone gets cataracts at some point in life.

I’m grandfathered into Astropad for $8 a month, and frankly, I wouldn’t pay a penny more, especially given they don’t give you a big discount by going annual. If you think it’s a ripoff, then don’t buy it.


It just does not seem to work. I watched the Terry White YouTube video and purchased it enthusiastically. I bought an IPAD pro and thought it would serve as my tablet. I am frustrated too that there is no tutorials available on YouTube. Maybe I did not set it up properly or trouble with the internet. I am so frustrated that I just don’t want to try again. Maybe I can try to go with the cable and see. I just wish I neveR purchased it in the first place.


The cable is the only reliable way to go. There’s a lot that can interfere with WiFi and therefore degrade performance. Not to mention that, well, wires are faster than airwaves…


Yeah use the cable, a lot of wifi networks end up filtering traffic between two computers and you get a much better, more responsive experience over USB.

Also make sure you have the Astropad app running on your Mac as well as on your iPad - both sides need to be running for it to work.


This is what I can tell you:
I have Astropad Standard. Bought it early. It’s great for lasso work and anything outside of drawing in Photoshop (it works, but not to my liking, as far as the pressure curve goes…oddly, it works better for drawing in Clip Studio Paint). I usually use it wirelessly.

I’ve used Astropad Studio intermittently; the pressure curve options (and options in general) are quite effective. I’d advise, if you plan on using it regularly, to buy an annual license (you pay over $60 more per year if you pay monthly, so you don’t want to be a sucker if you can afford not to be).

So, the good news is that both work as one would expect.

The bad news:

This only works for Mac (and, I predict, probably will only ever work for Mac, as they’d be talking up a Windows conversion if they actually had it in the works). Don’t get me wrong, it works with the Mac really, really well…but you have to spend a good chunk of change just to be able to use this with your already expensive iPad Pro. (If you’re spending $649 for the smallest iPad Pro, another $99 for the Pencil, plus the least expensive iMac, you’ve already spent over $1800, not including software or apps). If it did work reasonably well with Windows, you could cut the overall price down by at least $300 (more than that if you know how to build a system yourself).

As an aside, Adobe is releasing Photoshop (at least) for the iPad Pro, if not also Illustrator and other programs. Assuming the port is successful, many people may not need Astropad for a lot of what we users have been using it for over the last few years. On the other hand, it’s completely possible that Adobe does a bad porting job (especially considering their lackluster apps for iOS so far), and people end up preferring to use Astropad coupled with a Mac for the foreseeable future.

In closing, TL:DR statement: It works, I like how it works (in general), though I wish I had more pressure curve options in Astropad Standard. I don’t use Astropad Studio right now due to the cost, and the fact that Clip Studio Paint is fully ported to the iPad Pro.


Thanks for the thoughtful response. I think I will give it a try again soon. One thing that Astropad should have been doing but is terrible at is providing video tutorials. Every other software has tons on YouTube and there corporate site. There manual is not the greatest either. I may not have set it up properly even. They recommend wired between the pencil and Mac Book so I will try that. I would not be inclined to pay $60 a year and if I was not pleased have to add it to the original cost of the app. Plus I never would have purchased and Apple Pencil ($100.00). Wish the manufacturer was more helpful with set-up and especially how to use there application with Adobe Photoshop. Probably spitting in the wind on that one. Again thanks so much for your input.


There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to setup and use Astropad.
Terry White’s video is NOT the ONLY video on how to use Astropad.
And I agree with everyone.
Use Astropad with your iPad directly connected to your Mac via USB 2.0/3.0.
A wired connection to a Mac is waaay faster and more reliable than trying to use Astropad wirelessly over WiFi.

Good Luck to You!


I’m in the group using the trial studio with an Apple Pencil. For my intermittent usage for short intense projects I can’t see the subscription model. It is, indeed, the missing link for its function, and superbly executed. I’ll buy the standard and hope against hope the functionality is there. $30. at the craps table! I am using it USB connected with a large display coupled with keyboard, mouse and trackpad. I can’t imagine anyone seriously using it without a similar array taking advantage of the central computer’s power and versatility. Missing link is right! I’m very pleased with studio and hope that standard will suffice for CAD and raster app usage. There seem to be mixed reviews on that subject. Perhaps the best of all outcomes would be if the developers were to use the exit strategy of selling out to Apple. Then they’d get a nice fat payday and subscription Adobesque pricing would disappear. Anyway- I’ll finish the trial and buy standard and just find out if I can live without some things, like the hover support.


I purchased the basic version and feel it was a big waste of money. Thought it might be an inexpensive alternalte to a wacom tablet that I can’t afford. Nearly never use and if I could get my money back I would.