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Apple Sidecar is a game changer for artists

now that there’s this, can team Astropad finally make a windows version?

Apple Sidecar pretty much makes Astropad for the Mac useless.


We still don’t know how it will work, Astropad gestures are far better, even from a Cintiq that also have touch gestures, translation, rotation, zoom in and out like an iPad app but running in the Mac, customization for pencil pressure, keyboard shortcuts built in the screen for remote use, we need to see if that is going to happen in apple side.

i get that. but the ipad itself has amazing gestures. it’s a safe assumption that it will be incorporated into it.

I said Apple could take this all down in one update and I was hoping it would end this subscription grab! Thank you Apple, GAME OVER!


Astropad would still be essential to artists using 10.14 and older. I might be wrong but Sidecar is only available in the latest MacOS, no?

possibly. but it’s kind of bad business and unsustainable to only support old hardware, no? eventually people will upgrade…

And what to say for those paying the $80 subscription. Will they be wanting their money back?

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if they have a mac that can support Catalina, they’d definitely not be renewing Astropad studio…

this is why it’s beneficial to have a Windows version. Astropad is an awesome product that’s become useless since it’s now a free feature on the one OS platform they support.

Still need Astropad for those that use older Macs.
Not all Macs can run Mojave or Catalina.
Also, SideCar may not work with older iPad or iPad Pro models.
I am in the older Mac, older iPads/iPad Pro category.
I have a feeling I will still be needing to use Astropad for some time to come.

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I don’t have deep pockets.
Have not purchase a new Mac in years and haven’t purchase any new iDevices in over three years.
And can’t afford to spend cash on updating all my expensive design software any longer, either.
I use still use the one-time pay Astropad Standard as I am still using on older Mac OS for my everyday creative work.
I haven’t updated my version of Astropad on my Mac or iPads in over two years as I need the version of Astropad currently on my iPad Pro to still work with the older Mac OS I am still using.
Still see Astropad as a still working option.

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You don’t get your money back from the App Store on subscriptions. I remember when I re-subscribed to SketchBook Pro, two months later they made it free, and I was SOL. They just don’t refund. Period.

While I figured Apple would do this sooner or later, I certainly have no glee for whatever this ends up meaning for the Astropad team; I’ve used the product in the past and have enjoyed it. That being said, I would still love to use Astropad with my personal Windows system. Macs are getting expensive enough that it makes much more sense to spend on a solid Windows system for me (why spend over $2000 on a Mac Mini with the specs I’d like when I can spend that same amount on a reasonably powerful HP plus a cheap tablet monitor)?

As it stands, I use Standard only @ the moment (as my work Mac has a work-issued smaller Cintiq attached), but if I could use my iPad Pro and my Windows system together, I’d gladly shell out for Astropad Studio. It costs $72 per year for Clip Studio Paint directly on the iPad. If this were available on Windows, I could cancel that annual subscription and for about $8 a year more, I’d be able to use both my Windows editions of CSP EX and Adobe CC. I could create pages/do professional design work from my couch while watching movies with my wife.

I can dream, at least…

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So the OS just announced and not due until the fall has some beta issues? Shocker! I’m sure there will be 0 changes in sidecar from beta to final release. Wow! The only smoke seems to be coming from what your smoking and Astropad’s subscription base. Cheers!