Apple rumors "Cintiq-like" features


So I just read something pretty interesting. Theres a rumor that Apple is planning on adding “Cintiq-like” integration for the iPad Pro. I don’t know how I feel about that, I like Astropad and the updates they’re consistently bringing. What does everyone else think about it?


Almost as much as you pay for Photoshop? How much do you pay, if you don’t mind me asking?


Lucky, I’m paying $20 a month for Photoshop. Plus the $8 a month for Astropad. Art is expensive.


any chance you can post that link? i’d like to read this myself.



I welcome this experience, can you provide a link to the rumour please?


Here are some thoughts, apple allow app developers to give a free demo version to the public, provided in exchange for a monthly payment plan.

Outright purchase of an app, is disallowed as a demo download.

This maybe rumour ?

So how much would all pay for a download of Astropad as a one off ?


I posted a link already. I did, however, notice that its a relatively old rumor that hasn’t gained much traction since it was originally posted.

I don’t know how that “Cintiq-like features” comment they made in the link actually related to the patent mentioned in the link.

I guess we’ll have to wait until this summer to see what actually happens. Which makes me hesitant to buy the Luna Display, I don’t want to buy something that Apple could possibly just implement themselves.


Thank you Danny for the link which I have just read through, interesting ideas.

6 months ago I ask in the Apple store if I may buy something to extend the screen of say a lap top onto the iPad. As in maybe use an extended view in Final Cut, with iPad and laptop side by side.

Store said interesting idea, but no this is not possible for now.

So really I would have thought cast screen to ipad from laptop, desk top, just part of the norm for the ISO and desktops mac world.

However this was not the case, hence I bought Astropad, which would cover some of the areas I needed for work.

Drawing on a screen which customer can see on skype share screen, requires a lap top, iPad. Generally I do this all on a desktop and Wacom tablet.

So paying a monthly fee for developers to extend the app Astropad to provide better services is quite welcome. Better business idea so as to implement new ideas.

Where as a one off payment great, say an update is available, after a original purchase, then you pay some more for the update. This gives some choices, where as a monthly fee is only going to work if many tow the line.


Honestly folks don’t go waiting on Apple to get interested in the ‘pro’ market until they actually SHOW some interest (and I don’t mean a $15k all in one imac, an un-upgradable cylinder mac pro OR even unsubstantiated rumors based on …what?).

Tethering an ipad pro to a mac SHOULD have been one of the FIRST things Apple did if it was interested in the ipad being a serious content creation rather than consumption device…you know a ‘pro’ device.

I gave up on Astropad once it went subscription and bought the Wacom Cintiq pro 16 instead which wasn’t that much more expensive and is a better un-compromised/native experience which will still likely run well into the future and at no extra ongoing cost (until wacom stop making drivers).

The ipad pro having a built in non-removable battery tells you a little something about how often Apple intends you to make a re-purchase, the Astropad subscription on top of that makes you start doing some longer term ‘cost analysis’ which came up short for my needs.

I really admire what Astropad are doing taking the ball that Apple dropped but the ongoing price just pushed me towards buying ‘THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB’ instead which wasn’t that much more expensive and seemed like a better option than buying a driver in permanent beta…sorry ‘ongoing development costs’ (Don’t even get me started on the new IT model of ‘renting’ vs building a new product with compelling features that warrants a re-purchase …a model which somehow worked in the past before the age of IT entitlement.)

I also noticed the suck on my wallet from ios app makers completely vaporise once not owning the ipad pro anymore so there’s that too.

And what happens to Astropad if Apple DO add native support…apart from being screwed by Apple for doing a favour for their users that Apple themselves couldn’t be bothered with.

The lesson I learnt was to STOP buying products that don’t meet my basic needs even if there are great developers like Astropad doing their best to make them something more.

And yeah leasing/renting sucks and is only something I consider when purchasing something expensive (where I don’t have the money in-pocket/on-hand) like a house or maybe a car…an extended/mirrored display for my laptop…which stops working when i stop paying…sorry but it pushes the relationship too far.


I totally get where you’re coming from. The business model essentially relies on Apple staying lazy in this department.

I actually didn’t start getting into digital art until the first iPad Pro was released, and then it was pretty much just Procreate. Now that Ive gotten into using Photoshop, Astropad was the best alternative I had. One day, I’ll have a beautiful Cintiq Pro of my own.

Anyway, this whole thing is just a rumor. I wouldn’t give it much more weight than that. Who knows though, maybe Apple will shock us all this year (not holding my breath).


Yeah I’d actually consider buying an ipad ‘pro’ again if the tethering was native…just a shame it would also likely mean the Astropad folks getting shafted in the process.

Mind you products with ‘subscription only’ options really do test and impact my loyalty in the negative.


Well written, I agree [quote=“secretgoldfish, post:14, topic:3200”]
The lesson I learnt was to STOP buying products that don’t meet my basic needs even if there are great developers like Astropad doing their best to make them something more.


The deal breaker for me on Luna Display was its lack of support for clam shell mode. I use an external 27 inch monitor, and even though it doesn’t support the Retina display that my MacBook Pro does, it’s just easier on my old eyes than having to squint at a 15" monitor.

But I wonder… If I took my MacBook Pro out of clam shell mode, would Luna Display plugged in next to it work to effectively give me three displays?




Hey, I had the same question and emailed support about a few days ago before I received my Luna Display.

I’m using my MBP in clamshell mode with an external monitor and Luna Display and it works fine. I think Astro needs to make it clear that, even though they don’t currently support clamshell mode ALONE (Mac and iPad), Luna still works with an external monitor.

I don’t think Luna can work in a 3 monitor setup though.


Malyse has already confirmed that Luna will work with a 3 monitor display setup.And by “three monitors” he meant the MBP display, an external monitor in one mini-DisplayPort, and Luna to iPad via the other mini-DisplayPort.