Apple Pencil pressure profile


This would be such a plus. I’m almost, except for oil painting, exclusively on computer for art, due to my Billy Quizboy drawing hand. It’s almost all plates and screws from an accident. The Apple Pencil is a great plus for me, but I do have to put the opacity/size on high when I use Mischief.
No problem with AFDesign, Sketchbook, Artrage, etc… but Mischief is so paired down, they don’t offer pressure gauges except for the Wacom controls, for, strangely enough, the Wacom


Thanks for all the added compatibility info! We appreciate it, really helps :slight_smile:


We just released Astropad v2.0 which includes all new pressure system and the new pressure curve should be much much better, way less stiff and it should work out of the box with Kyle Brushes.

Please try it out and let us how the new pressure curve works for you.

Giovanni Donelli
Cofounder & Head of Product


The new pressure curve is much better! Thank you very much.


The pressure curve may be good for some as I know a lot of people like the softer line variability, but I have used the previous one so much that this softer feel is really screwing with my line widths and comfort of use.

I like the variation to work with a safe amount of heavy pressure and be consistent with my other programs using the Apple Pencil. (Procreate, paper53, the native notes app) When I use Astropad now it is so sensitive that i am finding it very hard to animate consistently.

I need to keep lines fairly similar or the frame to frame feel begins to look wiggly and loses weight of the image the variation. It is very frustrating. [Im was previously using a 1px - 75px line variability in my lining brush. In the previous curve, I was easily able to control that, but now I am blobbing or hair lining the image. Which means, I am now swapping between brushes and having to move my Astropad window and use the laptop more often]

I don’t know the implications of asking for you to add a pressure control, but I sure would like to roll back to the previous pressure curve if possible, or at least have the option.


I’m having trouble with 2.0 and pressure too. I’m getting random pressure bursts, usually at the start of a stroke. I’ll get a single burst of the brush tip at high pressure. It’s making it almost impossible to ink in Clip Studio Paint. I didn’t have any trouble with the previous version.


Ditto with the pressure, I’m so used to the old pressure settings that this new one is throwing me. Any advice on ways to adjust it back to what I was used to?


Yeah getting some random pressure bursts as well. Have you figured out how to fix this?


We’re working on fixing this pressure burst issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate everyone’s patience!


I just bought Astropad for 29.99

in Procreate I have access to adjust the pressure curve.

I do not need a team of artists deciding what the best pressure curve is in AstroPad… I really don’t. I need access to that curve as soon as possible to adjust it myself and that with make photoshop much more pleasant to work with.

Let us customize those settings.

I spent 2-3 hours looking for the setting and I could not find them…so if I missed something I am sorry for the crit…its just I have been googling away trying to fix the issue and still no go.


We appreciate the feedback.
Astropad does not have user customizable pressure curves yet.

This feature is in development.

What program(s) are you using on your Mac? What issue are you having relating to pressure?


Any chance you can give us an old curve vs. new curve option in the meantime?


We’ll be releasing a fix very soon.
Let us know if there is any questions or further feedback.

Thanks for the patience with this issue.


2.0.4 fixed the pressure in CSP but is causing worse problems. After every stroke or first click after picking a tool, the cursor reverts to the hand tool. And while 2 finger pan works, pinch to zoom causes scrolling, or the program crashes. Hope you can fix it fast, really looking forward to the pressure bursts being gone.


We are looking on it this morning. Sorry about that.


i tried deleting Astropad from my iPad pro and re-downloading, and restarted mac and CSP, and the brush is working well without reverting to hand. (new pressure curve is great!) But as soon as I try to 2 finger pinch to zoom, CSP scrolls instead and then crashes when I pan. If it works for you, let me know what your mouse wheel modifier settings are in CSP. Maybe mine are in conflict?


We could reproduce the issue and we fixed it.

We just pushed a new Mac update (v2.0.5) out just now, which should solve the problem.
Please update the Mac app and can you please confirm the problem is gone for you?

Thank you very much, and sorry about this.


2.0.5 works! I’m getting some missing strokes that seem like they might be related to palm rejection. Seems to happen sometime when my hand rests on screen before the stylus. Other than that it’s working awesome. I sold my Cintiq companion a month or so ago, confident that you could make astropad and my MacBook Pro into my portable studio, and you seem to have done it! Can’t wait for future improvements, but so happy with the results now.


Palm rejection on ipad pro is still an issue. It got better with the pro, and for most people, they feel it is gone. But for artists, who have far more demanding standards, it still comes up.

The good news is that wearing a glove really does work, now.


I’m still getting a very round bursty start to each stroke. I believe I have all my settings correct (but could be wrong.)

I used to get a nice variation in line at the start of each stroke, but now only get it at the end no matter how lightly I touch the surface.

Is there any fix to this coming? It’s really screwing up my work.

(I’m using an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, iMac, and PS CS5.)