Apple pencil pressure issue


any updated about this issue? Astropad is unusable with this problem :frowning:


@jdmd90 which issue are you experiencing? And with which program?


Thank you @Malyse. When I tried to use Apple Pencil on the screen the pressure sensitivity didn’t work properly. If i draw slowly appears strong stroke, if i try to press more, the stroke became very thin o doesn’t draw at all.

But actually with the new update all works fine so, thank you so much for your support :slight_smile:


Any updates on this issue?


@xeno3d For the inconsistency with pressure gradation, this is still being worked on.
It’s not an easy fix, unfortunately. We’re aiming to have further improvements to pressure ETA beginning of next year.

Another thing to try in the meantime -
With the Mac app, hold the Option/alt key when opening Astropad’s Preferences.
A Debug tab will show in the window; select that and deselect “Use Adjusted Pressure Curve”.

See if this makes a difference at all. Again, thanks for your patience.


Just like to chime in and say that a customizable pressure cure, one that an individual user can adjust to match their hand, is the best solution IMHO. Procreate for ipad has this, as well as Wacom for all of their tablet and cintiq products. Why not give the users the ability to dial this in for ourselves?


One more request for a custom pressure curve setting option. Also, I’m experiencing the same issues as previous posts. Pressure response, especially at lower values is very erratic causing any parameter that is mapped to pressure to be very inconsistent. E.g. is size is controlled by pressure then you see random blobs on thinner strokes and if it’s mapped to pressure as display one one of the post above, you can clearly see sudden jump in opacity, making astropad almost unusable for anything more than a basic line sketch. I really hope this will be sorted out soon.



Sorry for bringing this thread back to life. Sadly after this issue, I sold my iPad and moved over to a Surface Pro :(. However, I’m really missing Astropad and that amazing Apple Pencil, the SP just doesn’t compete with that feel.

Can I ask that somebody with the latest version of Astropad (normal or studio?) do this test. I’d love to know if it’s still there.

Thanks all!


Just a little bump. Was this issue fixed in standard? Thanks guys.


Hi Kristian,

We do have customizable pressure smoothing and custom pressure curves in Astropad Studio now. We also have a free 7 day trial so you can take it for a spin and see if it works for you.

You can find out more about the pressure options in our Astropad Studio manual here:

I hope that helps!