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Anyone using with Affinity Photo?

I’m a CC subscriber, have used LR and PS for a long long time but would really like to cut the subscriber ties. I’ve been looking at this as an alternative,

Hi, I use LR , PS and CC subscriber too. First Affinity Photo is not free. Do we have to buy upgrade when new version of Affinity Photo come out? The cost of buying the upgrade is it costly? Software and hardware now are all upgrading everyday. If you don’t upgrade then Buying LS ,PS or AP will be the same. If you like to keep your software and hardware up to date. Then changing to AP will the different be big? Maybe if AP have try version. You can try it out and compare the function and cost before you make the change. Good luck… Just my way of thinking. :innocent:

I am not familiar with Affinity, but will check it out. Have you looked at On1?

Affinity is $50 in the Mac app store, assume it will be the same for Windows–and they claim free upgrades. I upgraded PS from very early versions and LR from beta on at considerably more than that each time. Affinity does not include photo management but I have long organized my files on external harddrives and no longer feel the need to tag, rate, etc. i expect it will depend on your needs.

Yes its true. Different usage, Anyway if its fit your usage then no harm trying.:slight_smile:

@picnic I have Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I don’t really do much photo editing so I can’t answer questions on that. Take a look at the tutorials on their site to get a sense for the power of the application:

I have Affinity photo and was hoping it could replace Lightroom. Sadly it’s far from a replacement, because any changes you make to a raw file is not saved in a sidecar file like in Lightroom. There’s also no color profiles or a library of lens corrections.

Yeah I agree. Lightroom has a learning curve, but it’s much more powerful

Think of Affinity Photo as an alternative to Photoshop, not Lightroom. AP isn’t designed with digital asset management in mind. While Photoshop may be the market leader, Affinity Photo is remarkably capable. Also, AP works very well with AstroPad.

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Thanks. I have used the DAM of LR (prior to LR I used PS and a DAM app) for a long time but no longer use some of its attributes, I’m very well organized on external drives–18 years worth-so really am now more interested in the processing of RAW and I will do my own organization. For those that tag, sort, select by various things (camera, lens, date, etc) LR is the right app for them. Your opinion of AP was helpful for me.


I’ll be interested to hear about your experience with Affinity Photo. I think it’s a great program, hats off to Affinity. But it’s missing a lot of functionality for me to be a Photoshop replacement.

I tried the Affinity Photo and really thought it was well done. If i were not already so vested in PS.

Also, for those who have two workstations they work on (e.g, laptop and desktop), that’s two AP licenses but only one PS license. That would be a deal breaker for me.

You can install AP on any of your computers — as long as it’s only used by you.)

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I still have the original Photoshop in BW but once I started using Affinity Photo I deleted 30 gigs of Photoshop versions and stuff and have never looked back. Affinity Photo was a switch but well worth it.