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Anyone upgraded to a 10.5" Pro?

I have the 9.7" Pro and Apple Pencil. I end up not using astropad very much because the lag and pixelation are a bit of an issue. I’m hoping that having USB3 support on the 10.5" would help with that somewhat. Can anyone speak to that?

Alternately, is Astropad Studio really a lot better than classic in that regard?

Thanks for confirming this - I had wondered if the Standard version was laggy or not! It is really wrong IMO that the performance is worse with the Standard version than it is with the Studio version - I can understand paying more for more features but overall performance should not have been compromised.

Have you tried Duet Pro?

Mmm, I don’t understand, today’s Astropad (Standard or Studio) is very improved, there is almost no pixelation, a true real tool for hard work.
The studio version have a lot of features in customization, to fill it with sets of keyboard shortcuts for each Mac App and use touch gestures in an unique way, just like if the Mac App were designed to work with touch as native iPad drawing apps does but more advanced, actually, do more than the Cintiq itself.

Ravel - can you confirm if the Standard version’s performance (in terms of speed/lag etc) is the same as the Studio version? Is the Studio version only different in terms of feature set or does performance differ also?


From the AstroPad website they state that the studio version is “up to 5x faster than baseline.” That’s all I was basing my post on. I haven’t tried Studio.

That said, performance on Standard has improved a lot since the last time I tried it a few months ago.

Both now have the same speed, the main difference today, is in custom features and touch gestures I mentioned in my last comment

I ended up upgrading to the 10.5" and stayed with Astropad standard. It’s great.

Astropad Studio works at 60 frames per second and the new iPad Pro 2017 works at 120 fps.

Unfortunately we will not be able to notice any difference with the new iPad Pro and the current version of Astropad Studio. I hope Astropad will be updated to match the iPad Pro 2017 performance.

Well, that’s also a moot point until the host display can go at over 60Hz. I was wondering more about the increased bandwidth from USB3 to improve video quality.

It’s all about updating the app Astropad, otherwise no feature from the iPad Pro will be noticed.
Good news is the app is being updated… I just received an invitation to test the beta release, so this may come soon.