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Anyone have any issues with earlier Mac Pros?

I hoping to do Astropadding on my i-Pad Pro with my early 2008 Mac Pro, 32 gb memory. Will this be feasible?

Hello G,

This may help a little I have tiny 8Gigs of RAM I use AP as follows.
I share Mac book pro with Skype user as in they can see my screen on their end. I share also at the same time share Mac book screen to my iPad Pro by cable using AP.

Then give a tutorial live to customer.

So its being IOS OX and AP are under pressure, any drawings I do live and the lag is none at my end.

Only difference here is the Mac book pro is 2015 model.

Other suggestion if your interested is a Wacom tablet large I may sell but I would not suggest using this with a lap top only on a bigger screen.

Regards Rob