Animated with Astropad :)


Hi Everyone.
I had fun doing this one in Harmony with a whole lotta help from astropad.
hope you like it.


This is super awesome!



Hi Giovanni,
I’m glad you liked it. The animation was made for a motion graphics mini-project that I’m working on, which also features some more frame by frame animation that I created with astropad… so I’ll be sure to post a link when i’m finished :slight_smile:


That would be awesome


hi, friend i believe this was done with toonboom hamony. could you tell me if you have maya working on your ipad pro?


hi murthada,
I don’t have Maya I’m afraid… I’m a Modo man :slight_smile: I’ve tried using Astropad in there but the modifier keys don’t seem to be working for me :frowning:


mine neither :frowning:
your animation is great tho, do you have the finished link yet?


Love this! I have really only used Astropad with illustrator and Photoshop but not for animation. I am anxious to see which of my programs are the easiest to manipulate using it after seeing this.


thanks a lot bro. i was sampling opinions on whether to buy ipad pro 12inches which i love so much for illustrations, but i like to do my 3D on the go also which tends to sway me towards wacom cintiq which is time tested.
once more your animation is fluid


Nice! I am also using astropad with harmony Toonboom for animation projects. :smiley: It makes the work easier!


I’ve bought and purchased new ipadpro and astropad.
application is tvpaint 10.5 on sierra

i wanna know, newest update could support to the mojave with usb 3.1gen2?
for example, duet apps has supported to them few weeks ago.


Hello Skeh! AstroPad does support Mojave so go ahead and update if you wish! :slight_smile:

Just keep in mind that you will have to allow permissions for accessibility in your Mac settings, but AstroPad should walk you through it!


The art looks amazing, @Skeh! Keep creating! :star_struck: