Animated in ToonBoom Harmony 12 on Astropad


Just FYI - The animation has some drug references and is a mildly off color and silly christmas rap song my friend made.

I started this animation in Adobe Animate on Astropad, then moved on in the third scene to ToonBoom Harmony on Astropad. The quality is obviously better with TBH. I didn’t use my normal Wacom tablet, and now don’t see a reason to even take it back off of the shelf.

I used a 12.9 iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, and a 2014 Macbook Pro Retina with Wifi Astropad.

Learned a few technical things from exclusively using Astropad and the Mac.

First it was easy to ignore the pixel thing people talk about a bunch. I think my eyes got used to it, but mostly I focused on the hot pink line and then reviewed the finished stroke.

A point of pain was when I would focus the cursor on a canvas after focusing on a menu item, the first stroke would be a little clunky. Like the start and stop of the stroke would be missing about half the assumed line.

Another thing that took a little getting used to was the menu on the left side of Astropad not responding if the Apple Pencil was close to the iPad.

So I stopped using Astropad like my Wacom (resting my fingers on the action buttons, or hovering over them for a quick button push of an Undo or tool change) Instead I just tried to lift the Pencil up higher when I used my fingers, or just operated the buttons with the Pencil entirely. I would go back and forth on this, and never found the comfort of either one being better than the other.

Thanks Astropad.


Awesome feedback, thanks for sharing the details of your process



Thanks for sharing this, I thought it was hilarious.

Frosty! Frosty! :laughing:

The feedback on Astropad is great too, please keep it coming!


Astropad is pivotal to my process now. Thanks for putting it together.

And I am super glad you liked the animation, too!

For reference: I set my window up on Astropad in a custom size only showing the timeline and the drawing board. It helps keep my strokes big and have less vibration in the stroke from trying to draw too small in a window.

Just in case it helps anyone: It makes a smoother line when you zoom in and make the stroke. When zooming out, it shows there is a lot less jitter in the line.

Astropad takes care of a lot of this problem using the magenta line sauce, but in case you think you need to draw a final line zoomed way out so you can see the whole thing at once, just remember you can zoom in and get much better fidelity in the stroke. Sketch at full window, the do clean up zoomed in.


Wow, how long did this take you to animate? 4 minutes of animations seems like it must have taken forever!


Thanks for sharing! Awesome. I’m working in Animate CC and thinking about ToonBoom any luck getting brush pressure sensitivity to work with either software?


Does astropad on the ipad have full functionality with Toon Boom Harmony?


Wow, I fell off the planet here at Astropad. If you still need to know - yes, it works, and works well. My lines are fairly similar in thickness stylistically, but the lines I wanted to flesh up with pressure alone worked. The panning and multi touch also works well. The keyboard, too. The drag of canvas and erasing with touch and pencil works. I can’t think of anything that I found complicated when using Astropad with Harmony 12 or 15.

I had very little trouble, if any, with Toon Boom Harmony 12, and also 15 the newest one from 2017. My current set up is studio version Astropad, and Harmony 15. iPad Pro, and pencil onus to date iOS 11.

I’m a Luna backer, so I’ll let you know if anything good or bad happens once I get the tool.

Here is another vid from Astropad with Harmony 12 in conjunction with a different musician: