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Am I missing something?

I have been a Wacom user for more than 20 years.I never had a problem with working on a tablet that didn’t show what was on my screen, but once I got used to drawing with the apple pencil on my iPad, I found the the wacom wasn’t as responsive. A friend suggested I use Astropad. I bought the standard version. The first time, it connected with WiFI immediately, but it simply mirrors the screen to my iPad size, which is 9.5", which is too small to use the tools in Artrage, but if I look at my 27" iMac, and just use the Apple pencil, it doesn’t line up right, so I’m straining my eyes to use a desktop layout on a 9.5" screen.
I shut down Astropad, and turned it back on a half hour later. This time it can’t find my computer on the network. So I decided to try the USB cord. Now, I can’t get the screen to go to the full size on the iPad so it is even smaller, about the size of my iPhone X Max, so I certainly can’t see or use a desktop app on that. Just wondering if I’m not set up properly.

Perhaps the drawing area got skewed out of bounds. Opening the Astropad application on the Mac ought to reveal a configuration screen with a resizable selection area:

The larger the frame, the more of the Mac’s screen you can see on the iPad.

(Assuming you’re not using a Luna hardware display adapter, which behaves a little differently.)

Hi Elaine

Just scanned through your written contents, you should be able to improve upon this to a more preferred choice.

Ps when it comes to Wacom tablet and iPad, I go Wacom (I’m on A3 with square monitor )
An idea for you if you have Apple TV box, I often throw my iPad to the tv screen for some things like video editing etc.

Like Wacom and with desktop screen.
Just an idea.

Regards Rob