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Allow Shortcut Toolbar aligned to top (in horizontal layout)

Please allow us to snap the shortcut bar to the top or bottom of the screen. The top or bottom portion on the iPad has empty areas anyway when Astropad is used in 100% or Fullscreen mode (unless you zoom in).

So why not use the black bars for the shortcut bar? Then Astropad’s UI wouldn’t cover Photoshop’s UI or the drawing area :slight_smile:

It is definitely a good idea. The issue is that horizontal list of commands are not easily readable as a vertical list (think about a Restaurant Menu…). But it is worth experimenting. Do you have a particular layout in mind you would like to see?

yes I agree if the words are too close to each other the shortcuts will be harder to separate from each other compared to a vertical alignment. But I don’t think this is going to be a problem. First because a horizontal layout also offers more space. So without having tried it I would assume you would get as many words in the horizontal layout as in the vertical now. Second I don’t think readability is so important here since people create their own shortcuts and know their placement by heart. So even if it gets a bit messy it’s not that bad.

I could think of three things for improving readability though:

  • character limit for the shortcuts
  • a small separator symbol before each word (could be just a dot or a line)
  • the black bar is actually so wide that maybe even 2 rows could fit in

But I think before it gets way too messy, there should be just a hard limit on how many shortcuts you can have or the typeface should get smaller with larger amounts of shortcuts. That way everyone can decide what’s more important to them :slight_smile:

Thanks for considering this!

One more wish: it would be great to be able to include the F-keys in the shortcuts. I have a lot of “Actions” assigned to F-Keys that do more complex things I use very often.

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I think it’s a great idea to be able to move the shortcut bat to the horizontal. I’d actually like it if I could do both at the same time! I tend to rest my left hand at the top left corner while drawing and it would be great to be able to reach all around that corner for shortcuts.

I tend to just put the keyboard letter in for the shortcut name. I don’t need lots of space for naming them.

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