After Effects + Astropad


Hello, I’m trying to map a custom shortcut for “page up” and “page down” for rotoscoping use in After Effects but I’m not seeing these keystrokes available when I try to make them. Am I totally missing something? Thanks in advance.


I also be interested in the answer, rob


@mattdunne101 Are you using Astropad Studio or Astropad Standard?


Hello Malyse, I am using neither at this moment in time.

Regards Rob


WOW, still noone replied to this?! - I just got Astropad Studio and rying to set up a shortcut for frame forward in astropad - and I am stuck - no way to do page up/down on the keyboard provided… any help will be very much appreciated


@IVG Unfortunately, we do not have the Fn key as an option.

If you use the shortcut – command⌘ + right key / left key

Does this work as the same function “page up” and “page down” that you are looking for?