Activating "Ink" and Using With PowerPoint


Astropad makes the iPad a virtual tablet. Apple’s INK application only recognizes plugged in tablets. I think that Powerpoint only recognizes plugged in tablets. Getting Astropad to e recognized as a wired tablet will go a long way to making it useful for any mac application!


We are looking into it! Thanks for the feedback!


Great app. I agree, would be even better if Apple ink could be triggered as with a wired tablet. So this is to encourage you. Thanks, Alan


Hi! Any updates on this?

I get that astropad is widely used with Adobe Photoshop & illustrator. My needs are inking tools on PowerPoint.

Right now, I have to draw on PowerPoint on iPad, and then transfer the file to Mac…

Can I use Astropad to trigger drawing tools on PowerPoint on my Mac?


I am (just now) brand new to Astropad Studio. It appears that my intention to use the product for inking inside Powerpoint is not yet an option, wired or otherwise?


@mintonbrooks Mac Powerpoint has an annotate function, and it would work with Astropad.

How to do is here:

For the Mac version of Powerpoint, you cannot save annotations though, and would have to screenshot them unfortunately.

If you want to use Apple Ink, it has to be activated.


@Malyse Thank you! I have now installed Windows 10 (OMG), and so I can work with Astropad and Windows Powerpoint. If I need to do something to set up Windows Ink, I am clueless about it.

I can see the dotted bounding box representing Astropad’s share of the Powerpoint slide, but there is no inking happening. I was hoping that the drawing fuSo nction might come into play – the controls look similar to the hand-drawing functions in the Mac Powerpoint on the iPad. But alas no leverage there.

So I believe the piece I need to learn is how to activate Ink on Windows. I will try looking at MS Help.


@mintonbrooks Are you running Parallels then?

Something to note with Parallels, even though it works;
there won’t be any pressure sensitivity when using a stylus.


Yes, Parallels. Good to know that the pressure is off in Parallels land.

At this point, I do not see a viable for using my Pencil to create
PowerPoint content directly into slides, other than PPT on the iPad.