About using Brushes in Corel painter with the new Astropad v2


Hello! I thought I’d offer some of my observations to the Corel Painter folks who are using the new Astropad version. I’m new to Astropad … Not so new to Painter.

Painter has always had it’s own internal brush calibration tool built right into the program. Just go to Preferences and I believe (depending on your version) you should see it near the bottom.

The latest versions of painter (starting with X3? Maybe starting with 2015) also has brush calibration for individual brushes. In fact, i think that if you are having trouble with your brushes in Painter, that is where it is happening. I have pulled up several brushes settings, looked at the brush calibration and found that the graph was WAY out of wack. When I turn on brush calibration (the default is off) and I then adjust the graph, the brush behaves as it should. and reset the “levels” graph to fix the brushes. That did the trick.

I Thought I’d put this garbly after the post, for those who just want to get down to business:

Just as a prequel, I did this using Corel Painter 2017. If you have an older version you may still be able to upgrade it for the secret sauce $99. Skip Allen’s blog walks you through it.

My standard is this; I have not th`e $$ for the full blown Cintiq, and I never have had one. I have, however, used Intuos Pro V, which, once you are used to looking in one place and drawing in another, is incredibly responsive in Corel Painter. This is my “baseline”.

I use both Photoshop and Corel Painter on my MAC.

About Astropad, I got it with the faith that this new version would be a good enough standard to be worth using instead of my Intuos Pro. I’m using the 12" Apple Pro and Penci and on there, I typically use Procreate, Artrage (the latest version is FINALLY worthwhile), and Sketch Club when I want to just “play”. All three tools are top raster drawing/painting apps on iPad.