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Hi Maltyse

Thanks for your support, yes the rotation is working fine.



Hi, I have been using Astropad Studio for a little while now and all has been good but today I updated to 2.2 and I’m having problems. My apple pencil on iPad pro is not working in the astropad window. It works on the astropad settings but not in the work window. Any ideas? It’s a bit frustrating because i’m right in the middle of a work deadline. Thanks.


Ipad pro IOS 12 and Macbook pro retina 10.13.6


@chupitnik Sorry for the inconvenience.

Both the Mac and iPad app have been updated?

Nothing shows on the canvas? What programs are in use?
Also, is there any other tablet drivers or Wacom drivers installed on your setup?

If you restart the Mac and iPad, there is no change still to this behavior?


Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes both Mac and iPad are updated. I tried a few restarts and nothing. But today all seems back to normal again. So happy days! Back to work!


@chupitnik Glad to hear you’re able to get things working again!
Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:



The pressure sensitivity of my apple pencil is not working anymore on astropad, using Photoshop.
Whyyyyyyy??? help please