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A mobile game made with Astropad!

Hello everyone, I’m the graphic designer behind an indie game collective and we’re at the moment working on our new mobile game which was made with Astropad.

I made all the arts and animations using Astropad and photoshop. I tried different technique and it was a lot of fun to use it even on Pixelart.

Feel free to try the game who’s free and will be free at the end too.

To see some art check out the link above.


Wow nice! Thanks for sharing this with awesome news with us!
We love to see what you make with Astropad.

Have you run into things we should improve?

OMFG this is awesome! I love retro video games. My goal with Astropad has always been to use it for video game art. So it’s really awesome to see someone doing just that.

Thanks guys !

Here is a little gif of the game. We will release a new version at the end of the week I hope.

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so awesome, I love the shock waves!

I love Cricket Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi !!! lol

But this is awesome. I bow to you sir, as this is a great looking game, and love the Art Style too :smiley:

Hey thank you @TattooedMac . I used to live in Australia, s I know what’s you’re talking about :wink:

You should try the game, it’s free !

Yep, thats where I’m from mate.

Would love to play, but unless there is a Android Emulator for iOS then am going to find it a little hard to do. This óle house is wired (more so wirelessed) for Apple :frowning: One day if its ported to iOS :slight_smile:

It will be on iOS no worries !

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The screenshot saturday gif !

Update of the week end !

Check the new version of the game here


Hey the game is almost done, we’re fixing few things.
By the way we put an Astropad’s Splashscreen inside the game.
You deserve it guys !

Are you still interested by an interview or something ?

For sure! Can you reach out to us at info[at]