A heavy / death metal album as paintings (as I can't sing or play guitar)


Looks great :+1:

Just out of curiosity, do you mostly adjust the screen selection on the Mac (like shown above) or via the iPad?

Thanks for sharing!


Cheers mate.

I usually adjust the screen selection via the iPad, but showed the mac app in the screenshot to relate it back to Astropad :slight_smile:


I’ve been a bit busy with wedding planning (its only 42 days away now) and work, but I’m going to have a big update coming this weekend. Boom!


Hey Tom! I just purchased AstroPad and am super excited to use it. Did you find any difficulties with the Wacom Creative 2? I was about to purchase the stylus but noticed that Amazon Reviews ripped it to shreds. I would love your take on the feel of it.

Thanks! Great work so far! Can’t wait to see the final.


Hi Mike, I’d be happy to share my thoughts on the Wacom Creative 2 and thanks for checking out my project.

I’ve used the stylus and Astropad on 2 different machines and once with my work laptop plugged into a projector. My personal machine is a late 2011 MBP and the work one is a late 2014 with Retina display. I’m definitely a Wacom fan, so I might be more forgiving than the Amazon reviewers - the day I discovered Astropad I went straight to the Wacom option and didn’t consider the alternatives.

I’ve found the stylus to be slightly less accurate than the traditional graphics tab because of the distance between outer glass surface and the interactive surface beneath as well as the larger stylus nib size. It’s not a major issue, but occasionally I find myself missing the line I’m trying to draw and have to adjust the angle that I’m holding the stylus.

Another thing worth mentioning is the feeling of plastic on glass. You don’t get the kind of tactile feedback that you do with pencil on paper or on a traditional graphics tab. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but something to consider.

I mentioned using the stylus and Astropad on my much newer laptop at work. I had a hard time drawing with that set up. Some lines on screen didn’t match up with the movement of my hand and it was drastically different to using it on my personal machine. There’s a lot of factors involved in this issue, so I can’t pinpoint what’s at fault. It could be the high pixel density of the retina display or the connection method (I use wifi to connect the iPad mini (2) to my laptop whereas I had to use a very frayed lightning cable in the office.)

As a device, the Creative 2 is great. It’s well made, the carry case is sturdy and the whole thing is up to the usual high Wacom standards. I love it.

Hope that helps and I’m looking forward to seeing your work!


As promised, here’s my major update! Track 1 is now complete!

@Giovanni - here’s one for the Instagram page showing the app in action:


wow wow wow great work!


Cheers mate. Pretty pleased with this one. I’m working on the sketches for Track 2 :slight_smile:


Nice job on the coloring! How long did this take you to do?


Cheers Matt! I think this took about 12 hours, all told. I didn’t keep a track of the time but that sounds about right.

Last Days of Britain comic cover


Thanks for showing all your stages! Very cool to see. :+1: