A heavy / death metal album as paintings (as I can't sing or play guitar)


Track 1 complete!

Track 1: The Griffon is Dead

The project: Create a heavy / death metal album as a series of 10-12 photoshop paintings

The background: I’ve always wanted to create a band, record an album and tell a bit of a story. When I heard the outstanding “Brendon Small’s Galaktikon” I fell in love with it as a Dethklok fan and as a lover of that slightly cheesy brand on metal such as Man-O-War’s “Dawn of Battle”. However, I’ve got absolutely no musical skill, but I do draw and paint, so the logical thing to do was to make that album I always wanted to do, but use the skills I have instead of the ones I don’t.

I’ve been so caught up with my day job as a UI and UX designer, that I’ve not done anything about it until I discovered Astropad and I got excited about it again and used it to justify buying a new Wacom product (I’m definitely in their Fanboy club thanks to a couple of Intuos - currently an Intuos3 Medium).

@Giovanni was kind enough to help me out with some confusion I was having with my purchase, we got chatting and he told me about the Astropad community and I decided that this was going to be my place for sharing and documenting the process of making that as yet untitled album a reality.

Here’s the first shot of Track 1 called "The Griffon is Dead. The photo itself is called “My idea of a great Saturday night”

Please feel free to provide any feedback or tips as I go along, it’ll always be welcomed, although please bear in mind that anything not marked with _FINAL is a work in progress.

Peace out.


Hahaha as soon as I uploaded this I noticed that one of her eyes is wonky / too high. Work in progress, Astropadders :slight_smile: Boom!


it’s a classic. Whenever I show my work to @mronge I always find issues as soon as I start talking about it…

what is that pen at the middle of your desk?



That’s the older model Intros3 stylus in the “inkwell”. I’ve had it for about 6-7 years now and it got me through uni, doing freelance illustration and a couple of drawing tutorials I had to give at work so I’ve become very attached to it - so attached I’ve not upgraded. My new one is in the bottom right (just about) and its the Wacom Creative 2 for iPad. I’ve probably got my original Wacom kicking around somewhere - maybe I’ll do a shot with all my toys in view at some point down the line.


Wow, thanks mate! Much appreciated!


Cool Idea doing an album with pictures, looking forward to seeing it develop.
I still have my intuos 1 . I rebuilt it last year and turned it into a cintiq ( desperation made me do it).
Now with the latest updates on mac it doesnt work :weary:
Astropad to the rescue.


Thanks Tom! We’d love to share your work in progress on Instagram. Let us know if that’s OK (or we can wait till whenever you want).

That’s really great though, thanks for sharing. I’m becoming intimidated to share my crappy drawings :laughing: I’m a much better programmer than artist. I want to improve my drawing skills because I’ve always wanted to make a game.


Cheers mate, that’s much appreciated.

Do you have any pics of your awesome Intuos1 Cintiq? That thing sounds badass!


Thanks @mronge, feel free to share the photos I post showing the app being used, although I’d prefer not to share the “album tracks” on Instagram as I’m not 100% familiar with their intellectual property / usage policies.

On a side note, never be intimidated to share your work and I seriously doubt they’re crappy :slight_smile: Looking at Matt Kohr’s or Joe Mad’s work always makes me feel like I’ve got a long, long way to go.


Track 1 progress update: Base lineart finished, block shading underway!


wow wow looking good!


Yea, that’s really looking nice. So you don’t want me to share this one since it is a track?


That is so cool!! I like the use of the cookbook stand (I’m guessing) to keep it propped up at a decent angle. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Feel free to share this one - anything that’s a photo showing Astropad in action is cool for the Instagram account.



Thanks man


Cheers @mronge ! I’ll keep posting the astropad-in-action photos alongside the paintings. I’m excited about getting to spend some time drawing tonight and aiming to get all the shading done this evening so I can set about the colouring over the weekend.


Progress update:

Played around with the composition of the image and started basic shading. Coming together nice so far :smile:

Thoughts and feedback always welcomed.


That looks pretty damn cool. I like this composition better nd the eagle head is a good counter part to her.


Cheers mate. I agree that the balance is improved by changing the griffon’s placement. Got to learn how to paint fur now though…