Worth buying Pencil if have Adonit BT Touch


I broke down and bought the Ipad Pro and absolutely love it after a number of 9.7" from Ipad One on. I switched from a custom PC to a Macbook Pro 15" in the Fall and have been using Astropad since then, primarily in Lightroom (occasionally Photoshop) and some other apps but I bought the Adonit BT Touch last Fall also. Now I’m wondering if there is a compelling reason to buy the Pencil. Anyone that’s had both and think its probably worth buying if I’m not an artist-do use an Addonit a lot for notetaking too? I did decide against the Smart Keyboard since I found my old Apple BT keyboard works fine with it and fits easily in a bag alongside it for travel. So I’m wondering if i really do need the Pencil (though I have to admit I want it–just because LOL)


As someone who has used some form of digital stylus for the last 20+ years, I will say that the Pencil is, by FAR, the most accurate and most natural stylus I’ve ever used. This includes on the most recent versions of the Cintiq’s. Zero lag or parallax. It’s super fluid and sensitive. It’s definitely worth the investment.


Thanks very much. I’ve used a big Wacom tablet for years and for the last 8 mos or so an Adonit Jot Touch so am glad to get some input from someone that has used others besides the Pencil.


I disagree.
I am using the latest Adonit Jot Touch w/pixelpoint and this stylus works just great with the iPad Pro with ALL of the Apps it’s designed to work with.
The latest Jot Touch works very well with Astropad!
I have no complaints or any real issues with the lastest Adonit stylii on the iPad Pro.


V.I.N.CENT didn’t say the Adonit stylii won’t work with Astropad, He just say the Apple Pencil is the best. And As I also have a long experience with stylii of any kind for years, including the best on the market from Wacom with the Cintiq, I have to say he is right. Nothing can compare with the quality of drawing the Apple Pencil provide on iPad. Adonit stylus are great, and the Apple Pencil is greater.


I now have both and have used an Adonit non BT for years then the BT for about a year. If you don’t have an Ipad Pro, I would highly recommend the Touch–or if you want to spend about half, the Touch does a great job with Astropad app–I used it until a month ago with both the Ipad Air and the Ipad Pro 12". Having used the Pencil now for over a month in many apps including Astropad, it is definitely now my preference.


Personal Preference.
I have the large iPad Pro and I just do not like the Apple Pencil.
It is cheap feeling, I think the way it charges is stupid and kudgy,I don’t like its length or barrel diameter.
I don’t care about the side shading feature.
I have been using the Adonit Pixel, now, with my large screen iPad Pro for about 5 months or so.
Adonit makes very well designed stylii.
The Pixel is made of machined and anodised aluminum, instead off cheap feeling plastic… I like the barrel length and diameter better.
I like the way it charges much better and I like having the programmable buttons, just like on a Wacom stylus.
I just think Adonit stylii are much better designed, all around, than what Apple did with the Pencil