Windows? Android?


I’m working at school in south Korea. I always want to use electric blackboard with tablet in wireless environment, and astropad is the perfect way of manage that through ipad pro and apple pencil. Actually, it’s the only way. The other apps and digitizers never work well with wireless remote computing environment.
But all of Korea school pc is windows, and working environment is windows too. Government web site never work with mac… I hope many teacher can use this app for their class with any tablet they had already in any environment. This app has really deep and high potential!


Hi, sorry if my english is not good i’am French.

Your app is awesome but it will be very good if it was working with Windows.

Imagine we can’t only draw on photoshop but writing and drawing, directly on a word or pdf document open on my windows computer, from the ipad + pencil.

It will be very helpful and productif for a lot of company.


Be happy all us Apple users get to work the kinks out for ya :blush:


+1 for Windows support

If this product had Windows support then I would be able to buy it :slight_smile:


Might i suggest a cross platform ability for the said future?
As in using astropad with windows and ipad or with mac and android.


Game developer here. I’m stuck in a Windows environment because of 3ds Max, would buy an Ipad Pro and Astropad TODAY over a Cintiq if it was available. Please reconsider!!


Weeeee neeeeeed astroopad for windows :sob:


I just bought an iPad Pro. I wamted to know if I bought the astropad app for it, would I be able to use my Pc to capture photoshop as well as all of my other Adobe products.


You need a Mac running 10.9 or later. PC support is something we would like to do, but it will take time


I would love to see a Windows 10 version and bet you would get a LOT of customers too :). I’m sure you guys can do it. Please :slight_smile:


+1 for windows support. macs are really expensive in countries outside the US. windows pcs dominate in a lot of those countries.


That could be good but I’m a little worried about the experience will remain the same, luckily isn’t my case, having Mac and iPad, also many artist friends, use to work on Mac and a wacom product, I think they are gonna buy a iPad Pro as I did once I show them how well works.


Ive been reading this thread and am fully aware that you guys are working on windows support but do you have an idea of another product that might allow a similar experience. My pc is far more powerful than my mac right now and I want to use my ipad with zbrush. I would much rather prefer to use astropad than another product I dont know. But if there is something could tide over till a legit astropad ipad?windows support is out.


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hey “hellonhotwheels” i know how you feel. been waiting a while for this too. On the other hand you can try Duetdisplay app whihc works for mac and windows. Yesterday they release a duet pro update which fully supports pressure. Havent tried it myself since it cost 20 $ per year including the fact you have to buy the app but from what some already saying it sounds good…but this is something you going to have to try yourself. i think you can get your money back if you dont like it but i dont know about this one.


Looks like Duet already supports Windows and it also extends your screen which Astropad doesn’t do. Seems like you guys should just focus on making Mac better.


What’s wrong with making it better for the Mac? I think how it work today is really awesome!


Not working in Corel for me, and still really pixelly when i move around. Also theres lots of features the community has been talking about that would be great to have on Mac.


bumping this post in support of astropad pc compatibility.

i purchased the ipad pro originally in hopes of signing up with duetdisplay but after recieving news that they messed up the app with the pressure sensitivity features having a monthly paywall i have been looking into alternatives.

this app being catered to digital artists and the drawing program is apparently what i am looking for asides for lack of windows support and the fact others have spoken so highly of it is what makes me hope for the development for windows happen ooner :smiley:

until then i’ll be using my google drive work around sigh


I want Astropad for Windows, Have ipad pro, apple pencil, Windows 10 x64, Adobe photoshop CC, Duet Display. Everything almost perfect, only not Astropad. Please Please Please, service (server) plugin for windows.

Thank you very much in forward.