Which iPad to go for?



I’m new to Astropad and am interested in using it mainly for Photoshop and jewellery design ideas. I’m looking to buy a new iPad Pro for Christmas: which size would you guys recommend?

Also, does Astropad work with CS5?




Yes, Astropad works on Photoshop CS5.

Personally, I’m waiting until new iPad Pro’s become available early next year.


The big one, the 12,9 inch because the interface eats screen size, you’ll have a little bit more space to fit the entire window or the most important parts, the resolution of iPad 12,9 inch even when is retina, just fits a ratio of 1366x1024 to make you an idea of how small the big one is.


Thanks Candi and Ravel. Would have liked to be able to get the new iPad due in March (maybe), but I’m not able to wait that long. The rumours make it sound really interesting though…

Upshot is the iPad Pro 12.9" 256GB has just been ordered for my ‘big’ birthday/Christmas present :slight_smile:

No doubt I’ll be back on here asking more questions in late December!


You’re welcome Quirky. I know what you mean about waiting, but since it’s for my business I’m starting, I’m going to wait until March so have the latest and greatest :).

Thanks for the suggestion of iPad Pro size as well Ravel. I’m taking that into consideration as well.


Another vote from me for the larger iPad Pro. :+1: